Today I went to the Entrepreneur Summit sponsored by the Manila Jaycees entitled: “Click: Technopreneur’s Secrets Revealed”. This year’s theme was about Technopreneurs. They featured an impressive set of speakers who created value in the entrepreneurial space through technology. Thanks to Anton Diaz, I got to attend the conference in his guest list.

Entrep Summit
Click: Technopreneur Secrets Revealed

I listened closely to Vince Golangco, the man behind ““. On his blog, he talks about things to do, places to visit when in Manila. He espoused creating an online brand. Your blog is your “calling card” or “resume” online as people often refer to your online presence to find out more about you.

Vince also discussed how videos can be very powerful content for your blog. They showed us a clip from PI Job Experiment featuring two American men trying to make money in Santiago, Isabela by offering a ride to the nearby town of Cauayan. It’s funny and surprising because mid-video, the two guys Jason and Tory started speaking in Tagalog. Tory (the barker) even had paper bills folded between his fingers just like our local kundoktors. They were charging P10 for a ride to the next town in a private car. They were dressed in white sandos, by the way. Got to chat with Jason and Tory at the conference. A funny pair. :D

Abe Olandres of was there too talking about ProBlogging. It’s nice to listen to peers who had made it big in the blogging scene. We always have something to learn from those who have made it big. When I told Abe about my business, Runners’ Runner, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was the person behind it. He had heard about Runners’ Runner from a friend. Now, Abe, bring on those advertisers in the sports niche ;-) .

And finally, I got to listen to Dustin Andaya of . I’ve heard a lot about Dustin through Maven Secrets. It was finally good to listen to his story and how he had grown his business. I like how he had managed change in their flower business – the business was well-established in brick-mortar, but he elevated the business through their online presence. I got a chance to meet and chat with Dustin. There’s much to learn from him especially with some similar aspects between Island Rose and my own online business, Runners’ Runner.


There was a GoNegosyo booth at the conference. I wanted to buy their latest book entitled: “21 steps on how to start your own business”.

I told them that it was part of my vision board to be featured on GoNegosyo and Entrepreneur magazine. Lo and behold, they gave me the book for free! :D Thank you Lord for the blessings, bring on more!

And yes, there was more. Katrina of GoNegosyo asked me if they could interview me for my business and as a participant at the conference. Why, of course!

On cam, I told them what struck me the most in the conference. I also got to talk about my business, Runners’ Runner (

Runners' Runner
Runners' Runner

After shooting the video, Katrina complimented me about speaking well in front of the camera. I told her I got my training by taking mobile videos myself (I did this during Cory’s funeral in 2009, in the time of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng and in the recent national elections). All experience builds up – we get better and better everyday.

My lessons from today’s venture

  1. Take action. – When I saw an opportunity to join this conference through Anton’s invitation, I took it as a good opportunity to learn. I took action and am blessed to come out of it with more opportunities.
  2. Show up. – Surround yourself with people who share a similar passion and positivity towards business and life. Being in a conference for entrepreneur fuels my resolve to build my business and make it big.
  3. Ask. – Ask questions. Learn from those who have taken a similar journey ahead of you. Ask about opportunities.
  4. Keep your dreams close to your heart. – Libre mangarap. May bayad ang gumanap. Yes, let’s dream big. And there’s a price to pay to achieve it! Go for it!
  5. Be grateful. – We are in a sea of blessings. Be grateful for the blessings. And the blessings will increase.

Dream big, start small, get better and better everytime!

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