This is not about assessing the current situation. This is about acquiring stocks from the stock market. :-)

My interest in the stock market heightened when a good friend, Sheryl, told me about trying out online stock trading. I know of a few people who do online stock trading.

Rex was a former officemate who did a lot of stock trading and was good at it. It appeared too technical and complicated for me back in 2006. So I went to the mutual funds at that time.

Last night, I spoke to Celine. In their Ateneo MBA course, they invested real money via online trading. It was interesting because they got to analyze and discuss the group decisions in class. Then at the end of the term, they re-evaluated their decisions, and found out who made the good buys and who said goodbye to their money. Celine shared that some of their classmates used BPI Trade for online trading. Some used Metrobank. I realize now that there are more online stock trading services beyond

Get your Share

I’ve been reading a P50 book I got at Expressions (the shop) at the local mall. The title of the book is “Get Your Share” by Julie Stav. It’s an easy and entertaining read. It’s written in a style that explains the stock market to housewives. Thus, the explanations are peppered with analogies to shopping, child rearing, baking, cooking etc. It’s a nice read for a beginner like me. I recommend it for housewives, househusbands and any other house-habitant who’s starting to learn about the stock market.


I have my eyes on I-Remit. They opened their IPO (Initial Public Offering) around November 2007. I know that the remittance industry will continue to grow, together with the increasing number of OFWs. I also believe in the mission of I-Remit, serving the Filipinos by hauling the dollars to the Philippines.

I will study the I-Remit stock through the magnifying glass of a starter stock-market investor. Then will make an investment within the next two weeks. Oh yes, oh yes! :-) I’m excited!

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My Next steps

  • Ask Rex the pros and cons of his top three online trading interfaces (Sept 1)
  • Read the rest of the “Get your Share” book (by Sept 6)
  • Apply for a BPI Trade account (Sept 6)
  • Get my feet wet and decide on a stock to buy (Sept 15)
  • Read more about online trading, inquire about a seminar (Sept 6)

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