I watched August Rush tonight. With Rezza at Lawrence’s 1,000 inch flat screen TV.

It’s about a young orphaned boy, Evan, who follows the music of his heart to find his parents.

Key Message: Follow your heart, follow your music, sing your song!

August Rush: Follow your music, sing your song
August Rush: Follow your heart, follow your music, sing your song!

It’s got beautiful music, this movie August Rush. A great sound-system when you watch the music would make the experience an auditory feast!

Now for my gratitude journal.

I am thankful for:

  • Lawrence, a good friend who’s got tons of movies :-) .
  • Music! My love for music.
  • Following my music. Just writing the bridge now. ;-)
  • Korean Garden
  • Surprise money
  • Sarap sleep
  • Getting things done with phone subscription
  • Going strong with my gratitude journal
  • Wonderful movies that speak to the heart
  • Meaningful tears
Rejoice in our blessings and they increase!

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