I’ve been developing a habit of getting up promptly at 6am and going on a run. Been doing very well, thank you. I’m training for my marathon on March 17, TBRDM at Nuvali.

Yesterday, Sunday morning, I did a 3-hour long run around Makati from 4:20-7:20am. I started doing rounds in Ayala Triangle, then went out to do three loops on three sides of the triangle, like a three leaf clover.

I’ll call this route the Ayala Triangle Three Loop Clover.

The center of the clover is the Ayala Triangle. One loop goes out around Mandarin Hotel, Manila Peninsula all the way to Ayala cor EDSA then back. The second loop was around Salcedo Village passing through Valero, Tordesillas, Dela Costa. The third loop went through Greenbelt and Legaspi Village. (Thee loops Clover + 1 Ayala Triangle round = 11.03km; Repeat the loops or the triangle to get more mileage. Based on runningmap.com, my three hour mileage = 17.2km . That ain’t right! I need to re-map this, it’s too short.)

I was running before sunrise. At dusk, I was running through Greenbelt, passing by the chapel, the well-paved walks and the manicured landscaping of Greenbelt. For a change (from the past 1.5 hrs), there was silence. Wow, silence … I wasn’t hearing vehicles or horns or other people. I just heard my rubber shoes striking the pavement with every step and the birds chirping at a distance. That one minute of silence was a highlight in my run!

I entertained myself during the run by appreciating the cool morning air, early morning people on the streets, the trees, the quiet time. When the sun began lighting up the sky, I enjoyed the unravelling of the sky from deep grey-blue, then slowly lighting up to light blue and later orange and light golden brown. I like how the sky and the clouds reflect upon the glass facades of some buildings.

I interacted with some of our fellow runners, just giving them an acknowledging nod or greeting them good morning. I greeted the treeeees! I love trees! I enjoy it when a gust of wind blows down some leaves as I run past some of the big acacia trees. Sometimes I’d give the trees a high five, just touching their trunk with my fingers. Other times I pause and hold the tree, just feeling the positive energy from the trees.

I also said prayers. I said a prayer as I passed the home of my friend, Lawrence. I said prayers of blessings as I passed buildings of companies that have served our country well.

I enjoyed my solo 3-hour run. I’m back on track training for my marathon on March 17 – The Bull Runner Dream Marathon. What I like about my training is how it has helped me develop good waking-up habits. It has strengthened my “will power”, not needing to decide whether it’s time to get up or not. When the alarm sounds, IT IS Definitely time to get up, no second thoughts about it. ;-) I enjoy the energy after my run. And I enjoy the meditation and quiet time after my run.

All is well in the world.


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