One time, I was backing-up at an indoor mall carpark.
And … nabusinahan ako! (someone blew the horn on me!)
As in like 5-second fullblast resounding busina.

Mad man driving
Mad man driving

I had a decision to make.
Was I going to get offended by this obnoxious motorist and give him a piece of me?
Or was I going to let it slip by?

Oh no, I won’t let this slip by!
I decided to give him a piece of me!

I rolled down my window to give him what he deserved!

I raised my hand …
waved to the other driver apologetically and mouthed a “Sorry”.
He gave me a thumbs-up and accepted my apology.

I’ve learned to *not* take businas personally. I don’t get offended.
This time I think I out-did myself and gave what was appropriate: an apology.
The driver was just making me aware of his presence as I was backing up, an awareness that I sure needed.

Say Sorry.
Makes life simpler, happier.

Ka Edong

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