#RescuePH was featured on TV via a show called Ako ang Simula by ABS-CBN hosted by Karen Davila, Anthony Taberna and Atty. Pochoy Laboy. The August 29 episode featured stories of how Social Media and the Internet was used to create positive change in our country. Ros Juan and myself were interviewed to share our side of the #RescuePH story.

Karen Davila called it “Online Bayanihan”.
I call it “Being Filipino” ;-) .

Congratulations to the entire #RescuePH team, kahit na hindi tayo magkaka-kilala lahat! :-) . Congratulations also to all the people behind the heroic acts featured in this episode of Ako ang Simula. Truly inspiring what Filipinos can do to change the world!

Below are some videos related to this interview.

edWIN Ka Edong Soriano on Ako ang Simula ABS-CBN for RescuePH
edWIN Ka Edong Soriano on Ako ang Simula ABS-CBN for RescuePH

Here’s a link to video by ABS-CBN: http://bcove.me/sle4puk9 .

Here is an excerpt of the interview which I captured on raw video.

That was the 2nd half of the interview. The first half of the interview, I wasn’t able to record. I gave a background to the work we did, you can read about it here.

And here’s a group of us having fun showing the kind of work that we did during the floods. In the video below, we’re doing a Google Hangout with Aileen Apolo, JP Loh and Lawrence Villegas (thanks for letting me use the Planu HQ!). We missed Arnold Gamboa – thanks bro for the referral!

There’s much more work to do. Let’s prepare for it!

Para sa Bayan!

ka edong

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