Today, I talk about gifts. I know All Saint’s Day is not well-known for gift giving. This is my hang-over from my mom’s 70th birthday celebration. :-) .

Life is Overflowing with Gifts from our good Lord
Life is Overflowing with Gifts from our good Lord

What do you do when a gift is given to you?

a.) Do you accept it gratefully? Or do you refuse it?
b.) Do you open it excitedly as soon as you can? Or do you wait and dilly-dally for a few days/weeks/months before you open the gift? (and when you do open the gift, do you say … “ay, yan lang pala”)
c.) When you open the gift, do you use the gift as soon as possible? Or do you keep it displayed and on stand-by until it gathers dust or gets forgotten?

Often times in life, our good Lord showers us with gifts — blessings!
Maybe it’s in the form of a beautiful sunrise.
Maybe it’s in the form of unexpected money.
Maybe it’s finding a business opportunity.
Maybe it’s re-connecting with a long lost friend.
Maybe it’s the freedom of forgiveness.
Maybe it’s having a friend to share in your grief.
Maybe it’s learning a new lesson.
Maybe it’s going through a challenge that strengthens us.

a.) Accept God’s gifts gratefully! All the blessings the God has for you are yours to enjoy! Don’t ever think you don’t deserve the blessings. Don’t ever think you are too bad or un-deserving of God’s blessings. Our good Lord wants us to receive all of His blessings. I always say “Thank you!” to the guard, to a waiter, to the gasoline boy, to my father, to my girlfriend. Moreover, I say a big “Thank You Lord!” for a great sunset, for a safe trip, for a loving family, for laughter … for everything. Accept God’s gifts gratefully!

b.) Be excited when you receive the gift. Don’t scrimp in the delight of the gifts. I used to take blessings for granted thinking that it’s just ordinary, or thinking that it’s nothing much. But as I rejoice in all the blessings, I realize how much my good Lord loves me. I realize how much more he wants me to receive. When he gives me blessings, I thank Him immediately! I rejoice and take pleasure in the blessings He gives me.

c.) Use all of God’s blessings. Each and every experience is a blessing from God. He gives it to us for a purpose. “Use it or lose it”. When our good Lord guides us towards blessings, heed! Listen to God’s nudges and heed! Maybe the gift is a reminder of God’s presence in our lives. Heed. Maybe the gift requires us to step out of our comfort zone, requires us to stretch ourselves. Heed. Maybe the gift makes us confront our fears. Heed. Maybe God’s gift requires us to be more generous, or to be more expressive, or to be more loving. Heed. Use the gift! Don’t postpone using (or sharing) the gift. It was given for a purpose, it is not a random act of God.

Key messages:

a.) Accept all of God’s blessings! You deserve it!
b.) Rejoice in all of God’s blessings! Be excited, show it!
c.) Use all of God’s blessings! There is a purpose for giving you the blessings. Listen to God’s nudges and heed!


Today, I am thankful for all of the many blessing of our good Lord!

  • Sleeping well.
  • Waking up relaxed, warm and cozy in my childhood bedroom in Baguio.
  • Waking up to the voices of my parents and brother chatting in the living room.
  • Waking up my hon to have breakfast while my family watch the photos from Mom’s birthday party.
  • Waking up! (period)
  • Wonderful photos taken by Eleonor and Rezza. Laughter always makes for beautiful photos.
  • Playing around with the piano, making some music. Singing a few songs with Rezza.
  • Sharing funny stories over lunch.
  • Hearing my parents tell stories to Rezza.

Watching my mom opening her gifts.

She carefully cuts the scotch tape, preserves the gift wrapper and lists down the gift and the gift giver. Just like a bride! :-) . We encourage her to rip open the gift wrapper and she gives in for some of the gifts. During my siesta, I think I heard some crumpling paper. I hope she didn’t keep the gift wrappers :D . Rejoice in the gifts, not the wrapper. Rejoice in the blessings, and make way for more blessings!

  • Taking a siesta in the afternoon on the sofa in the sala.
  • Rose, her yummy cooking, and smiling face especially when we crack jokes.
  • Hugging my mom and dad.
  • Driving off with my brother and Rezza.
  • After suggesting that Keric drive because he’s more experienced, I liked being told by Keric: “Eh, how will you learn?”. I am grateful for taking on the driving challenge and learning how to drive down Marcos Highway with an Automatic. Thanks for the driving tips, Keric! Thanks Rezza for choosing to bring your car to Baguio!
  • Angel cookies, turones de casuy, tarts!
  • Beautiful sunset. Thank You Lord!
  • Avoiding the traffic jams, having a hassle-free trip, and sharing many stories with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world!
  • Joel Osteen and his preaching on valuing our self, rejoicing in blessings.
  • Safe and fun travel.
Life is great! Wahoo!

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