Shoot for your Stars!
Shoot for your Stars!
(artwork by : Sandy Coleman)

I am currently undergoing training to be a coach for Starshooters 87. Starshooters is a 90-day goal-getting seminar. The participants will declare the goals that they want to achieve. Together with their class of 28 or more fellow goal-getters, they will experience three intensives where they become clear with their goals, experience breakthroughs and acknowledge all that they have achieve. They will have milestone checks to become real with themselves, find out how far they’ve gone towards their goal. In all these, they will have the support of their entire team, their council of goal-getters and their coach. 

That is what I’m preparing for. 

And this is my message for the goal-getters who I will be coaching. 

My Dear Starshooters Player, 

Hello. Kumusta ka na? I don’t know you yet. I haven’t met you. So call me maybe! (hahahaha!)

I haven’t met you, and I know that our good Lord is preparing you for an awesome 90-day journey with Starshooters.

Perhaps today you are enjoying your life, living it from day to day. Perhaps you feel you are doing what normal people do. And I know that there are dreams planted deep down in your heart, and every muscle in your body knows that you were meant to pursue your dreams.

My dear friend, I am here to help you. Here to be by your side to help you achieve your biggest and wildest dreams. I am here as a mirror, to help you become aware of the way you are choosing to think, the way you are choosing to behave, the way you are choosing to respond to your feelings and the environment around you.

My dear Starshooters player, you will be going through a lot as you pursue your goals. You will be invited to do many things that will stretch your mind, stretch your heart and stretch the limits of your physical strength and iron will. My friend, there will be times when you will question why you chose to undergo this journey. I will be here to remind you how you heeded the call of your heart, how excited you are for the dreams that you are pursuing. I will be here to remind you why you are choosing the path that requires you to stretch yourself, because you are developing yourself, your values. I will be here to remind you of the person that you want to be. I am here to remind you that everything you are experiencing is exactly what you need for you to grow and become the person God meant you to be.

And while you have your own journey to pursue, I too am on my journey. I too am preparing myself. I too am stretching myself, learning the skills I need to be of service to you. I too am pursuing the goals I have set for myself.

I am smiling now as I write this, because I am excited. I am excited for the adventure that I am going into. I am excited for the growth that I will experience between today and the day that I meet you.

I am excited for the growth that I will push myself through because I want to be a better person. I want to be a better person for myself as my way of honoring our good God. I want to be a better person for my wife-to-be. I want to be a better person for my loved ones. I want to be a better person for my children who I will meet in God’s mighty right time!

My dear Starshooters player, I pray that the good Lord bless you and whisper to your heart this morning. I pray that He whisper to you and remind you what a wonderful person you are right now. And what a wonderful person you are meant to be.

Heed the call, my friend. I am here to be with you, every step of the way … well, most of the  way … until I slowly fade into the background.

I shall watch in awe as you fly high in this abundant and unlimited universe where all dreams come true for those who are brave enough to be who they are meant to be!

Your friend,

Coach edWIN

Added July 31: Go for your goals. Let me be there to support you!
Call me (not maybe): 0922-8273648

30-Days of Starshooters: 

  • * 6 wonderful days spent with my parents in Baguio (Olympics date! Pangasinan date & w/ Rezza too!)
  • * 50+ good ole friends reconnected with, 20+ catch-up dates/calls (incl Teachr CherylVanessa , Maria CzarinaTerence,Elmer )
  • * 2 weddings of great friends attended ( Cesar , Lynn )
  • * 38 new articles in my 3 blogs
  • * 3x increase in blog revenue
  • * 1 house sold (from ransacked to refurbished and sold in 30-days)
  • * 1 family blessed (from 13 years renting, now they will own a house)
  • * 3 training groups met with – exploring a Philippine training franchise from an international best-selling book.
  • * P250,000+ in hidden wealth unearthed! = present value of Philequity mutual funds from the P100K invested (250% growth!) between 2006-2008
  • * 1 new COL Finance account opened ( Tag: Fitz , @Mike Vinas)
  • * 56 hours of training and learning
  • * 2 new books read
  • * 2 books being written
  • * 1 wake attended.

Life is short. Live to the fullest:


Tomorrow, I write about healing

13 thoughts on “Ready, Aim, Starshooters!

  1. Hello, what are the specific requirements to join Starshooters, and how much will it cost? I think some aspects of my life needs some mending right now. :|

  2. Hi WinEr,

    Thanks for dropping a note. We are both Winners! And we are both volunteers too ;-) .
    Starshooters is a higher-level seminar of PSI. To join Starshooters, you must first attend the PSI Basic Seminar in case you haven’t done so yet.
    The next Basic is on Sept. 6-9. Investment fee is P15,000 . To learn more and for applicable discounts, you may contact Camille at or Mobile Nos: 0999-9956829 and 0917-7231976 Landline: 02-6216132 and 02-9759760
    After you take Basic on September, the next Starshooters Team will likely be in Q1 of 2013.
    If you wish to get help with your life now, I offer life-coaching as well. Send me an email at and we can discuss what aspects of your life needs some mending.

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