What I’m grateful for …

  • Affirmations, Dreams, Prayers, Habits, Gratitude Journal
  • Cleaning the tiles. Builds character, builds muscle ;-) .
  • Staffing for Basic 249
  • Baby fighting sleep
  • Meeting Shamcey
  • Being invited to a blogger event, and showing up.
  • Re-connecting with the blogger within.
  • And connecting with fellow-bloggers anew.
  • Finally closing sats finance.
  • It wasn’t as bitter as I thought.
  • That’s what FEAR is: False Expectations Appearing Real.
  • Getting ad offers.
  • Lucrative opportunities always come my way!
  • Being straightforward, clarifying what the pay is.
  • Being straightforward, declaring that I want more hours observing, assisting, training.
  • Go for 10,000 hours and more!
  • Lawrence’s Stomp, Jesus Christ Superstar
  • JP, Jemar, Deanna and R4Pasig Staff.


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