Here’s an article clipping I got via our corporate newsletter. It’s about asking questions that empower. I’m keeping it here to remind me to ask these questions … first and foremost, ask them to myself ;-)

Excerpts from Real Leaders Ask
(Harvard Business Review, Written by Judith A. Ross)

The most effective and empowering questions create value in one or more of the following ways:

1. They create clarity: “Can you explain more about this situation?”
2. They construct better working relations: Instead of “Did you make your sales goal?” ask, “How have sales been going?”
3. They help people think analytically and critically: “What are the consequences of going this route?”
4. They inspire people to reflect and see things in fresh, unpredictable ways: “Why did this work?”
5. They encourage breakthrough thinking: “Can that be done in any other way?”
6. They challenge assumptions: “What do you think you will lose if you start sharing responsibility for the implementation process?”
7. They create ownership of solutions: “Based on your experience, what do you suggest we do here?”


It is up to you as the leader to model the question-asking approach so that your team, in turn, will employ it with their own reports. For example, you can track how well the team is working together by asking questions like:

* We’ve been working together for three hours today; what did we do best as a team?
* What enabled us to be successful in coming up with an innovative strategy?
* How can we apply what we are learning to other parts of our work?
* What leadership skills helped us succeed today?
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