I spent my weekend with Rezza and my family in Baguio. We shared meals together, shared stories, had meals together and … had more meals together! ;-)

We travelled to Pangasinan last Saturday. To my parents’ hometowns – Lingayen where my father grew up and Dagupan where my mom grew up. Here’s a roundup of some of our adventures.

Pangasinan = Pang-asin-an (place of salt)

In Lingayen, we visited my Lola Ching is around 83 y.o. (?) and she’s been bed ridden for a couple of years now. She still interacts with us. She barely recognizes us. And when we visit her, she just knows that she’s in the presence of loved ones. She tells us some stories in a voice that’s difficult to understand. I’m happy that she has Belen, her care giver and Belen’s family who takes good care of Lola Ching.

Your puto is yours. My puto is mine.

We dropped by for some Lingayen puto. It’s funny because the puto of Lingayen is cooked like bibingka – some coal below and some coal on top of the puto.

You know this conversation we sometimes have with our friends saying: “Hindi yan puto, ganito kasi ang puto.” or “Hindi naman yan kalamay, eh. Ang tunay na kalamay, ganito.”

I realized many years ago that there is no sense in insisting on one definition of any word. Because the meaning of a word depends on the person’s experience of it. If Pedro describes puto as white and creamy shaped like a sombrero – that’s his puto. If I describe puto as round and white with coconut strips – that’s my puto. ;-)

Lingayen Puto - My kind of Puto
Lingayen Puto – My kind of Puto
Lingayen Puto - cooked like Bibingka
Lingayen Puto – cooked like Bibingka

Dagupan = Dagupahan (meeting place)

In Dagupan, we visited my mom’s ancenstral home. It’s no longer the palace it used to be in the 1970’s. It’s no longer the mansion that had a manicured lawn. It’s a home for our relatives who have made it a home. It was nice catching up with Tita Naty, Atchi Annie, Atchi Digna and Kuya Hildo. May the Lord bless us always.

Baguio = my hometown

I grew up in Baguio. I enjoy coming back home to Baguio. It was a different Baguio I saw this weekend because I was there by Friday afternoon. We got a glimpse of the “regular” weekday Baguio with all the school kids and the afternoon rush hour. We got to walk around Session road as if we were locals ;-) .

Baguio Veggies
Baguio Veggies
Oranges that looked like tomatoes
Oranges that looked like tomatoes
I Scream for Ice Cream
I Scream for Ice Cream
My mom's Mango Ice Candy! Better than Magnum!
My mom’s Mango Ice Candy! Better than Magnum! (Model: Rezywezy)

We also got to share some stories with our Tralala Family Friends. I discovered what kinds of conversations my parents have with their friends! hahahaha! :D

Tralala Kwentuhan
Tralala Kwentuhan

We got to hear mass at Pink Sisters where my mom sings like heavenly angels with the choir.

Pink Sisters, Blue Sky
Pink Sisters, Blue Sky
Taho Po!
Taho Po!

Back to Manila

We drove back to manila with Keric, Kelmer, Eleonor and Rezza in a Grand Cherokee Jeep. It was a fun ride. We got to splash around in the muddy parts of the route when the rain poured down. We got to share some interesting stories of what we’re each up to. And we go to witness this beautiful sunset too!

SCTEX Sunset - Thank YOU Lord!
SCTEX Sunset – Thank YOU Lord!

What I like most about this weekend is the opportunity to spend time with my family AND with Rezza. I love that we had time for Rezza to get to know my family even more. And for my family to get to know Rezza even more.



3 thoughts on “Puto, Ice Candy, Awesome Sunset and other weekend adventures

  1. Yes, indeed it was a fun weekend spent in a totally different way vs. what it was originally intended for. I also loved the fact that I was able to get my wisdom tooth extracted painlessly and quickly for only P500!! Major win :D

  2. I thank God for: My successful and affordable tooth extraction; the awesome ukoy that I could eat everyday (squash, cassave, bean sprouts); the chicken arroz that could be eaten 2 ways (love it with century eggs!); the teasing and banter over the Sorianos’ dining table; the yummy fried lumpia; the pancit with apple cider vinegar; the Lingayen puto; Hemostin (?) which is a cheaper yet equally effective counterpart to Hemostan to stop the blood flow from my gums; my neck pillow that supported me on the road trip; Baguio’s chilly weather; the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s awesome features; Instagram pics in Camp John Hay… and EdWIN’s enthusiasm to share all things good. :D

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