Sometimes I tell myself I am grateful for something and I leave it at that. This time, I want to ask myself: “WHY am I grateful for this?”. Today, I put meaning to every blessing.

What I’m grateful for:

  • Leftovers. It means I had an awesome and abundant meal with more to share pa!
  • PSI Coffee. It means seeing friends and sharing the PSI Philosophy to more people.
  • Chicharon, revel bar (hindi dinuguan), pancit, pichi-pichi, iced tea. It means people are abundant!
  • 50% OFF at . It means we have a friend who’s sharing his abundance. Thanks Jojo!
  • Laughter. It means we’ve got a whole lot of happiness and joy inside.
  • Wake. It means a soul has achieved a purpose and is now passing on to a next life.
  • 2 hour kwentuhan with Rezza’s Mom. It means getting to know her daughter’s boyfriend matters much to Tita Manots ;-) .
  • Makunat na McDo fries. It means an opportunity to ask for what we deserve – crispy fries.
  • Leche flan. It means our friend Anais is doing well with her business. It means a good supply for this sweet tooth of mine.
  • Feedback. It means we acknowledge the awesomeness in our universe, it means we have more to improve pa. We’re a work in progress.
  • Saturday. It means when I wake up tomorrow, it will be time to join The Feast again! Yehey!
  • 6 days writing on my Gratitude Journal. It means I’m doing very well developing this habit. Wahoo!
Thank You Lord for another day!

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