I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends from Design Influence and their Spread the Positivity Campaign.

The Positivity is spreading, I can tell. Here’s a story about Positivity.

Two Saturdays ago, the day before the Milo Marathon, I had 3,000 flyers of Runners’ Runner printed out. I wanted to distribute them the next day at the Milo Marathon.

I went to Copylandia along Rufino, Makati. I wanted to leave the flyers behind and just retrieve them when I returned in the late evening. So I instructed the machine operator, Zaldy, to please leave the finished flyers at the building guard so I can come back for it in the evening.

To my dismay, when I went back in the evening, the flyers weren’t with the guard. Zaldy had forgotten to give them to the guard! Doink! I could have said “Oh F it! I’ll never go back to this shop in my entire lifetime!”

But I just said to myself: “Lesson learned: Next time I should call back to confirm that my flyers are ready.” We live, we learn. I went to the Milo marathon with just around 500 flyers and a little more creativity to compensate for the 3,000 flyers I didn’t have.

What’s interesting is the conversation I had with the machine operator, Zaldy on Monday morning. It was an SMS conversation and here’s how it went:

Zaldy: Good morning sir, si Zaldy ito. Sensya na po, ‘di ko po nai-labas yung flyers niyo nung sabado.

Edong: Oo nga eh. Sayang lang yun gpinagawa ko, ‘di ko na-distribute sa event ko.

I was texting this way because I wanted him to offer some considerations for my next transaction, like a discount or something.

And here was Zaldy’s response to which I was pleasantly surprised!

Zaldy: Okay lang yun, sir! Think Positive! May ibang events pa naman kayo, eh!


The positivity is spreading! Thanks, perhaps to the Robin Padilla ad saying: “Walang Aayaw! Think Pasitib!”


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