I used to be a prolific blogger, coming out with 3-5 articles per week.
Now, I write maybe once or twice a month, if any. There were times that my blog(s) went on un-updated for more than 6 months.

I put together this PasikBlogan activity for a specific self-serving reason: I want to be in a blogging group that I will be accountable to for blogging daily for 30 days … and have fun doing it.

PasikBlogan - outshine the blogger in you
A photo by Ka Edong, at an era when he was an active blogger. In the photo: Abe Olandres, Jayvee Fernandez. World PyroOlympics circa 2007. via Anton Diaz's blog.

The idea: I choose to write 1 blog entry on www.edwinsoriano.com each and every day of August 2011.

To share the energy, I will invite blogger friends to join me in blogging. Some friends might join me in the entire 30 days. Some friends might join me on specific days. All I want are companions – people to watch as I stretch my current blogging prolific-ness … more accurately, my lack thereof.


Each day, there will be a PasikBlogan challenge. A PasikBlogan challenge aims to stretch the participants by blogging outside their comfort zone. A PasikBlogan challenge has a theme or guideline.

Examples of PasikBlogan Challenges:

Theme/Topic PasikBlogan Challenge: Blog about …

  • A lesson you learned from a toddler
  • Your favorite person in the whole wide world
  • What’s in your wallet
  • The mundane-est topic you can think of – and blog about it with a fiery passion

Genre/Format PasikBlogan Challenge: Blog this way …

  • Video Blog – any platform, at least 1 minute, any topic
  • Photo+Caption Blog – 5 photos or more, at most 15 words per caption (an exercise in expressing with fewest words possible)
  • Poetry – any topic, expressed in a poem
  • In Filipino or your vernacular (choose 1) – Zero English Words (not even translations)
  • Blog Naked – open to your own interpretation; your interpretation must be shared within the blog entry.

To encourage spontaneity, PasikBlogan Challenges will be announced only between 8-11:59pm daily. PasikBlogan entries are due at 11:59pm the next day. Anybody else who takes on the Challenge is free to post their article on the comments section of the blog.

I will invite friends and the public at large to join the PasikBlogan Challenge.

The prize: Coming together of the PasikBlogan group (kahit ako lang at si Tristan), and having dinner and some beers to talk (gawk) about the PasikBlogan experience.

PasikBlogan starts on August 1, 2011. The 1st PasikBlogan challenge will be announced on July 31.

Visit our Facebook Page for more updates: http://www.facebook.com/groups/218954961483935/

Get ready to blog!

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