In a spiritual sense, I would want people to have a piece of me even when I pass from this good world.

But apart from this spiritual goal, I want parts of me to give life to others – in a very literal sense.

I speak of organ donation.

Organ Donor Card
Organ Donor Card

Fifteen years ago, I signed up to donate my eyes, my liver, my pancreas, my kidneys and my heart in the event of my death. I still stand by this decision I’ve made during my adolescence. It’s a way of giving a gift of agape, a gift of life even upon my death.

I kept an organ donor card in my wallet since then. That card is always in my wallet. It fell into the waters with me one time I tried to help out stir a fishing boat (see Guro Sa Cuyo). Much of the card had shriveled up through the years, the writing fading away, the edges dilapidated.

Organ Donor Card - The gift of life
Organ Donor Card - The gift of life

I was at a hospital one time, and I asked whether they had an organ donor card that I can use to replace this dilapidated card. They didn’t know where I could get one.

Organ Donor Card
(Keep this card with you at all times in a place where it will be found quickly)

I would like to help someone to live after my death

In the hope that I may help others, I wish to donate after my death my:

  • Kidneys
  • Eyes
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Heart
  • Any needed parts or organs to be used for transplantation

Donor: Edwin S. Soriano
Birthdate: January 11, 1975
Date Signed: Aug 2, 1993
Address & Telephone number: (shown in original card, kept confidential online)
Next of Kin: Antonio D. Soriano

Here’s an idea for proponents of (legal) organ donation among Filipinos.
(This idea Inspired by Triumphs of the Heart, Book II by Chris Benguhe)

With all the Internet technologies available, why not create an online registry for people to sign-up for organ donation.

Upon online verification, give a digital badge to the the donors similar to the organ donor card. This badge can be placed by the donors on their blog the same way I did above.

If you believe in this idea, go ahead and make a similar declaration on your blog.
Link back to me so we could start a little organ donor registry on the net.

Here are a few links about organ donation in the Philippines.

I’m surprised (half surprised) to find that there’s a bad case of organ trafficking in the Philippines. This article is my contribution to the positive kind of organ donation.

After a purposeful life and upon my death, let this post be a reminder to my family and loved ones that it is my will to give life after my death.

ka edong
part of me, part of you

12 thoughts on “Part of me living in others

  1. Where did you get your organ donation card? I would like to sign up for it myself. :) Thank you. Hope to hear from you Ka Edong!


  2. Ka Edong!

    I called up NKTI and they still have the donor card. We may get it at NKTI (across QC Hall), Annex 2 Bldg, across Chemo Dialysis room. You may inquire at NKTI through this no. 9243601.

    I’ll get mine soon! And I’m excited! :)

    .-= Emzi´s last blog ..Reasons to be thankful =-.

  3. Hello! Since I am an Eye donor, i also want to donate some of my organs, e.g. heart, liver, kidneys, etc. so thanks for posting! =) Blessings!

  4. hi.where can get donor card?i would like to help someone to live,after my death.can i sign up online then send in my mail???

  5. Hi Sir Edwin,

    Thank you for your support in advocating organ donation. For those who would like to have the Organ donor card, Human Organ Preservation Effort Office is located at the 4th floor of Diagnostic building National Kidney and Transplant Institute or you can call us at (02)924-4673. You can also like our facebook page HOPE and Organ donor card. Help saves Lives by being an Organ Donor.

    Thank you.

    Human Organ Preservation Effort
    4th Floor Diagnostic Center
    National Kidney and Transplant Institute
    East Avenue, Quezon City

  6. Hi Diana ,

    Thank you for dropping a note.
    What are the new ways of signing up for organ donation?

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