First Published on 18 Sep 2005 at 12:51 am.
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I’ve always wanted to be a painter.

I feel the power of creation through painters and their paintings. I feel that people who create are closer to God.

I feel there is a profound ecstasy in creating. You are in control of what you are creating.

I remember being in an art studio in UP Baguio. There was this one painter who had 4 paintings on-going. She had a palette and would work on one painting. And then, she’d step back and appreciate her creation – a work in progress. What’s curious is that she would walk up to another of her (unfinished) paintings and use the same paintbrush with mixed colors to retouch other paintings.


I should not feel so envious. I create too.

I am writing a paper. And I am proud of my work! I take pride in what my work is and how it will be appreciated and used by others. This is my creation. A creation made through me by my God.

ka edong
Painter, I

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