I have a new friend at PSI. We’re staffing the next PSI Basic together. Let’s call her Natalie.

Despite Natalie being 20 years my senior, Natalie and I have a few things in common. And those few things have built our friendship in just a matter of a few hours together.

We recently had a nice heart-to-heart talk over coffee. And here are some of the nuggets of wisdom between two new friends, insights from both Natalie and Edwin.

Happy Heart
Happy Heart (photo c/o sexyjustice)

There is a perfect child in this world! And every mother has that child!

Our God is a good God! He wants us to be happy!

Lesson from Pastor Peter Tanchi on family core values:
o Unconditional love – I love you regardless of anything
o Unconditional acceptance – I accept you regardless
o Unconditional forgiveness – I forgive you regardless

I own my happiness.
I take charge of my happiness.
My happiness does not depend on another person’s words or actions.
I am happy because I choose to be happy!

Suffering is optional

I still feel pain. But no longer like a dagger to the heart.
Now it’s like the pain from a prick of a needle.
My situation did not change, but my response to the situation changed.
I changed.

I bless my partner and the blessings come back to me.

I do not pray that other people may change.
I do not pray that other people may be more understanding.
I pray that I may change and be more understanding.

Trust not on your own understanding.

I forgive a person regardless of the depth of the person’s sin against me.
Because I know that our good God has forgiven this person,
and I know that our good God wants this person to be happy.
Who am I to *not* forgive?
So I bless this person and I pray that our good Lord bless this person abundantly.

So what if I didn’t understand? I forgave even when I didn’t understand.
For two years I struggled to understand.
My heart and mind had grown tired and weary.
Finally, I chose to forgive even when I didn’t understand.
After the forgiveness, I later understood better!
And the forgiveness came more easily.
I do not need to understand before I forgive.

I forgive with a light and happy heart.
I forgive with a smile.
And I am happier because of forgiveness.

I am amazed at how far I have grown in the path of healing.
I thank and bless the good Lord for my inner healing.
May more people claim this blessing of healing!

ka edong at ka natalie
we’re all in this together!

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