It is better to obey him than to sacrifice the best sheep to him.
1 Samuel 15:22

Growing up, I remember my parents tugging us kids along to different households during the town fiestas of our relatives. The town fiesta is often a celebration and thanksgiving to the Lord for the blessings and abundance received in the past year. The bigger the blessings, the bigger the feast.

Unfortunately, there are many families that put together extravagant feasts just for show. They want to save face. They want to project an image of abundance. But in reality, they actually had to borrow money just to spend it all in one day and labor for many months to pay for the debt. They say it is their “sacrifice” that they offer to the Lord so that they will be blessed.

Today’s reading teaches us that obedience is more pleasing to God than sacrifice.

Obedience - our gift to God
Obedience – our gift to God

In the past, I had found myself in a similar situation as those families who put up sacrificial feasts and go into debt. I had made sacrifices, but I hadn’t been obedient to God and had incurred debts.

Reflecting upon it now, I feel that if I put obedience first, I wouldn’t have gotten into debt. In this case, obedience to the Lord would be obedience as a good and faithful servant of the wealth He has given me. Obedience would be spending only the money that I already had.

Moving forward, it’s a matter of obeying God today.

Today, Love God with obedience.

What is God asking me to do today?

Dear Lord, guide my heart and mind into stillness so I may listen to You and obey. 

Ka Edong

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