I watched “No Other Woman” tonight with my love, Rezza, and our very good friend Lawrence.

Na-stress ako! hahahaha! I was uncomfortable listening to the two women being mean and sarcastic to one another. Sometimes words can hurt even more deeply than physical pain…. (and, in PSI fashion) …. only if you allow it to hurt you. Suffering is optional.

No Other Woman: Choose your reality
No Other Woman: Choose your reality

I like the movie for the most part. It’s true, the lines were classic. Cheesy at times, but still high impact. All the double meanings heightened the emotions. And I’d give it to the lead actresses for convincing portrayals. I felt for their characters. Kudos to Cristine Reyes (who looked so innocent and kawawa half of the time) and Anne Curtis (who got beat up in the end … kawawa). Of course, Derek Ramsay did some good portrayal as well — but he was the least I liked, mostly because I don’t believe in the stereotype that all men will fall for an extra-marital relationship.

I have some friends who say:

  • “Eh ganun talaga ang mga lalaki: babaero. Tanggap ko na yun.” (Men are two-timers. I’ve accepted that)
  • “Kung ako ang nasa ganuong sitwasyon (infidelity), siguro bibigay din ako.” (If I were in a situation of infidelity, perhaps I too would give in.)

To friends who entertain these thoughts, I respond this way:

Don’t ever entertain the possibility of infidelity in your relationship.  The mere thinking of it as a possibility makes you *open* to infidelity.

Although infidelity is real in the world, DO NOT accept infidelity as a reality in your relationship.  Choose your reality.

Believe in faith that your relationship is loving, committed and loyal. Invest in the time, energy and presence to nurture your relationship.

After the movie, I held Rezza in my arms and looked into her eyes. I told her: “Hon, you will never ever experience infidelity in our relationship.” I am a one woman man. A loyalista ;-) .

Love the one you’re with — each day, every day ;-) !


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