Happy New Year!

This is going to be a growth year for Ka Edong, Technobiography, eOFW and Purposeful Penguin!

I’ll be investing more time and energy into writing more informative and useful articles in Technobiography and in other blogs especially eOFW.net and Purposeful Penguin.

In fact, I have a goal of publishing at least one article per day on eOFW.net .

The guiding principle here is that the more value we give out, the more value we receive in return. We want to impart value to our readers.

We will be more creative in finding and publishing more useful information. We will find out what our readers want and need, and answer more specific questions.

Aside from eOFW.net, I will also be blogging more reflective articles on Purposeful Penguin. I’ll find a balance between casual articles and reflective, well-polished articles which I envision to compile when there are enough articles to share in paper format. O ha! :-)

Here’s to a happy, abundant and purposeful 2008 to me, to you and our families!

ka edong
the purposeful penguin

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