Sent this letter a Singapore contact (anonymized for the organization and individuals’ privacy):

30 October 2007 I am Edwin S. Soriano, President of Pinoy Millionaire Minds Inc. and founder of – a blog promoting financial literacy and financial services for OFWs.  I wish to promote the cashflow game among Pinoys in Singapore. I have a network of blogs and groups through which I shall gather players and arrange logistics for a Cashflow Marathon.  Event: Cashflow Marathon
Date: December 2, 2007
Time: 8am-12nn or onwards
Venue: TBA, Singapore I need help gathering a team of at least 7 Cashflow game facilitators who will help players maximize learnings from the Cashflow game.  How can your organization help in this event?  What I offer in return is exposure of your organization in all the related articles we post promoting the cashflow games.  I can give you a call at your request. Or you can contact me through the cellphone or email found below.  I’m looking forward to a great collaboration for this worthwhile event!  Mabuhay!  

Edwin S. Soriano

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