I had a tough run two Sundays ago.

The trouble started when I run my 10km and ended with a limp from a sore right knee. It wasn’t a major discomfort for me right after the run. But on the next day, I could feel a pinch underneath my kneecap with each stride I take. It was even more painful going up or down the stairs.

The sore knee was got worse when I did my long-run (my longest ever) of 20km.

Right the very first minute of my 20km run, I was hurting from my sore knee. I immediately shifted my stride, finding a way to lessen the pain in my right knee, eventually running with a limp.

I wondered how long I could go on running-limping through a sore right knee. But each stride I took, each visualization I had of the finish line, each positive and encouraging thought I had helped to push me through the distance.

I completed my 20kms with a lot of pain, and a lot more time than I was expecting.

But through this all, I proved to myself that even if I limp my way through the marathon, I shall conquer that 42km marathon! I shall conquer that marathon! I run the 20km on a sore knee in 3 hours. I can run that 42km on a better-healed knee in probably 6 hours or less!

I’m giving myself and my knee some time to heal. Then when the time is right, I will train right back and prepare to conquer that 42km marathon!

Maghintay ka lang, pareng finish line, andiyan na ako!


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