The Story of my run

I started after a little hesitation at the starting line.
Then I broke through and started my wonderful run!
I was enjoying the run in the sunrise

I get distracted, my pace changes when I send long SMS messages and when I take a drink
I was listening to PSI up up up songs!

??? – must have been confused

I took a bio break; and the pause – it broke my pace!
It was so hard for me to get back running.
I walked some 4 kms, allowing myself to rest.

When I got back running, I declared I will run the rest of the way.
And I did! I kept pushing myself to overtake other runners (walkers by this time)
I pushed myself not to beat the other runners …
but to pick-up on the pace I set for myself.

One by one, the kilometers were knocked down
One step at a time, I was conquering my marathon
Not easy, I say, but felt soooo good!
And I had so many people supporting me! Thanks!

FINISHED! Oh so glorious, so fulfilling to finish! Wonderful finish!

Edwin’s Singapore Marathon Journal

Here are the statistics of a runner who had a similar pace as I:

What’s my next marathon? Hong Kong! Sama ka?

ka edong

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