One early morning, while setting up a Runners’ Runner banner at a fun run booth, I was frantically using packaging tape to hang our banner on our tent.

After my friends Ivy and Kate tried to dissuade me from just using the packaging tape like crazy, I continued to use the tape to show them that just adding more tape should work. ;-)

They called out to me “STOP” and told me that that wasn’t the best solution. It was funny kasi I was just a few inches from the banner while they were seeing the “bigger picture” of what could work better.

I stopped, they told me their recommendation, I listened and it worked! Nice!

Packaging Tape-ing my work

Last week, I had a similar experience. With the deluge of registrations we were receiving on Runners’ Runner, I was trying so hard to keep up with the incoming payments. I thought: “I just need to work faster and I’ll be able to keep up with the payments.”

But noooooo! :-) . There were just toooo many payments coming in (GREAT problem to have)! There was one day last week that I spent just processing payments.

It made no sense for me to use my old strategy.

I got the help of our virtual assistant, Marge, to process payments.

Whew! Now I’m able to focus my attention in managing the bigger picture. And enjoy watching the payments come in. ;-)

We love challenges! It helps us grow!

We love taking action with the bigger picture in mind! It makes us bigger than our problems!

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