Interview with Jack Canfield’s associates, that is :-)

I subscribed to Jack Canfield’s newsletter when I started listening to his Audio book “The Success Principles”.

In the newsletter two weeks ago, Jack announced the pilot of their coaching program. I thought to myself, “It’s going to be expensive”. But taking from one of Jack’s tips in the Success Principles, I said: “Oh what the heck, go for it anyway!”

I signed up for an interview and got a call from Jack’s staff the very next day. A few days later, I was interviewed by one of Jack’s 10 or so coaches. It was a process of finding out whether there was a match between where I am, where I wanted to be and whether they found a good match between what I needed and what coaching they could provide.

There were some questions I answered before-hand:

Canfield Homework Questions

1. Where are you now? (This question is referring to what you have done so far on accomplishing or starting your goals)
2. Where do you want to be? (This is where you want to get specific with time, amounts and details of what you want to accomplish)
3. What is holding you back? ( This is referring to either internal or external circumstances you feel may be holding you back from your goals)
4. How could a coach help you? ( What kind of support are you looking for from a coach)
5. Why now? (Why work on these goals now, why not wait longer?)

My interview took around an hour. It was a very pleasant interview. I clarified with my interviewer, Josiah, the method of coaching, what it will entail from my part, what I can expect.
I also clarified my decision criteria and the challenges I’m facing with regards to the tuition fee. I knew there was a tuition fee in terms of time, energy and of course money. I had a pre-determined monetary “tuition fee” that I was willing to invest in a coaching program.
The fee, it turned out, was US$2,099 for a six month coaching program. Payment terms would apply.

The 6-month coaching program included a 5-week formal phase with half-hour sessions once a week with my coach. I have unlimited call and email access to my coach as well as other coaches.  There’s also a Monthly Success Report.

The feature of this coaching program that I liked the most was the Warranty of Success ! This means that the coaching program will not “release” me or let me alone unless and until I succeed in the goals I set out to achieve in the 6-month program. Even if it takes me more than six-months to achieve the goals, the Warranty gave me access to my coach until I achieved my goals and at no additional monetary cost to me.

That was a big promise, the Warranty of Success. That’s the most attractive to me considering that it is the fear of success that was (I’m creating here … *was*) holding me back.

Nevertheless, I had made my criteria clear to myself and the monetary tuition fee is currently out of my range. I will be getting my coaching in different ways and will put Jack Canfield’s coaching program in my bin items for now.

I did gain much from the 2 hours I discussed with Jack’s  staff and coaches during the screening. During those interviews, I articulated clearly where I am now, where I want to go, what’s holding me back, and why I want to soar! :-) . It gave me more clarity with what I want to achieve.

It was a good opportunity having that Interview with Jack Canfield’s staff and coaches. I’ll be meeting you again another time in the future, Josiah, Karen and Jen!



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  1. Hey Edwin,

    How was your 6 months program with Jack Canfield Coaching ? Would you highly recommend it ? I am thinking of a 1 year program.

    Let me know


  2. Hi Floyd,
    I went through the screening process
    But I did not undergo the coaching because of some constraints.

    When you go through the screening process, they will explain the differences of the programs they recommend for you.

    For my case, I was more inclined to get the 6 month program.


  3. Hi Edwin
    I was very interested to read your comments as I have just had my interviews. I have been quoted a year program cost of $5400, I know you have to speculate to accumulate but it’s a big commitment isn’t it. How have you progressed since last year without having a coach?

  4. Don’t do the coaching. It was really disappointing. The coaches are part of a company that does coaching for other book writers. It is hired out and a mixed bag. None of the coaches had any kind of notoriety in the coaching world.

    It was cheap, but you get what you pay for. They really appeal to your emotions in the sales process.

  5. Hi,

    I had my one hour interview yesterday and it seemed to have gone very well. I was quoted a one-year personalized coaching for a tuition fees of $6500. When I mentioned it was out of my reach for the moment I was offered a one-year group coaching for $2600 in three consecutive payments. The sales process was emotionally appealing I should say. They did follow up one day later with a phone call and scheduled an orientation session one month from now. I am confused by this last message. I did learn by accident that the coaching is by a company called The PEI. It is not Jack sort of speak or his company staff it seems. I have to ask this clearly I suppose. But what do you guys advise me to do? Did any one else went through this group coaching?

    Appreciate your response. I may consider money back.

  6. I interviewed once for Robert Allen’s coaching program and turned it down. If I remember, the cost was ~$5000 for the year and was designed to achieve financial goals through real estate and options investing. I personally don’t need a coach. I feel you’re paying thousand of dollars for someone to motivate you to achieve your goals. I think the money would be better spent on actually applying yourself towards your goals. If you really want to succeed, do you really need someone to motivate you? I don’t know.

    Still, I see more and more self-help people get into coaching. I’m not knocking it. It’s a substantial revenue stream beyond the usual books and DVDs. I just don’t see the value in it personally. I’m motivated enough to achieve what I want.
    .-= Ryan Taylor´s last blog ..A Slice For Everyone =-.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Ryan.
    I too have been investing in audio books, DVDs, books.
    There are other ways as well to get the support that most people need — like a master mind, or an accountability partner.
    Diffrent folks, diffrent strokes :-)
    Just a matter of finding the alternative that works best for the person.

    ka edong

  8. Also just got my interview recently, It took approx 1 hour. The whole process was nice and like Edwin is saying it kind of permitted me to evaluate myself to where I actually am. I am wondering if they ever refuse people or simply make you feel special by telling you, you are qualified to have a personal coach. I was also suggested the 1 year plan but what I also find funny is that the price I was quoted ($4899) was different than dev (previous post). One thing I didn’t like is the fact that they were kind of pressuring me at the end by asking me if I had a credit card and it is a small price to pay to acheive your goals and dreams. Almost like the man at the funeral parlor that tell you I know you only want the best for your mom. :) I am still curious about the whole thing but skeptic about its effectiveness and the credentials of the so called Coach that will be assign to me. It almost makes me feel like I am finding excuses again not to go towards my goal :)

  9. Hi Dev,
    Good to see this post is compiling more shares from people who have interfaced with the Jack Canfield coaching program.

    Thanks for sharing, Dev!


  10. I googled responses to jack canfield coaching program because I had my interview yesterday as well: all like I read here: 1 hour long, same questions asked, same responses and my interviewer also kept repeating something about doubting myself when i answer using the word “possibly”. they guaranteed success, blah blah blah.
    and the fee, after an hour spent explaining the guy my goal is financial stability, was 5400 USD to be paid in max 3 months or, since i do not have a CC, in one time!
    every course has a plan of payment: I wonder, if they really believe in what they do, and they keep talking about “committment” on my and their side, where IS their committment? if they committ to success, they should take the risk and give a 12 months payment plan for a 12 months course… business usually, you make people pay in advance for services if you do not trust something in the process.
    that, I confess, put me off.
    I wrote to the interviewer my opinion and he completely disregarded it answering on some trivial point of my email!
    good bye jack

  11. I am considering giving this coaching as a gift to my daughter. Interestingly, no one who has gone through the program has responded here.

  12. Wow, great information everybody. I had “the interview” yesterday, signed up for 6-month coaching at a cost of $3,899 and cancelled this morning! Their call to action… “be ready now” is a genius sales tactic, having you make the decision at the end of the call. But when I had a chance to think about it overnight 6 months did not seem like a very long time to accomplish tremendous goals that would get me my money back and then some. I did like their Warranty, but I was a little leary of a company that wouldn’t give you your money back after you started. Usually that is a tactic for companies who know you won’t be happy with their service. I also thought these “coaches” were successful businesspeople themselves, not people who sit behind a desk and make 30-minute phone calls. All-in-all, the investment for what I was getting back (or what I wasn’t clear on what I was getting back) just didn’t “feel” right. So I went with my gut. I’ve read Jack Canfield’s Success Principles about 10 times and I think I’ll just try to implement them myself for now. There’s a lot I can do for my business with $4000!

  13. Hey guys!

    I had the same interview and was also accepted! It was 5400$ for me, a one year program. Their stuff sounds good with the warranty and everything but I have the feeling that they are more salesman than coaches. They relly know how to play with your emotions!

    However, I would like to find a real coach! I am convinced this could be of great help.. if anybody know someone.



  14. Anyone up for peer-to-peer coaching? Small group or one-on-one, using The Success Principles as our guide? Let me know!

  15. It is true that Jack uses a third party company for his program. It is a business decision. For him to hire and train his own coaches in his own building etc, the price of coaching who be way too high. This saves overhead and other costs. It is Jack’s program though. He personally approved each coach and has trained them in The Success Principles and Law of Attraction. The coaches are of the highest caliber and very experienced. They have all coached for Dennis Waitley, Zig Ziglar and Dr. Covey. So they not only have the expertise of Jack’s work but a tremendous background to pull from. The coaches are as aggressive as the student wants to be. Anytime you are looking for a coach, it is the student who must bring the motivation and commitment for change. Having a coach can create phenomenal change but if a coach wants more for you than you do, it wont work.

  16. Hi everyone

    I did take the coaching and wasn’t impressed
    First 3 months of 1/2 hrof someone going you are ding good whether i did the “assignments” or not
    Hire yourself someone else

    Gaurantee HA , they say i was you

    Not Worth IT

  17. For all those considering a personal coach. I have used one on a couple of differnt occasions with positive results. I have also explored becoming a coach myself. Be cautious of programs that want you to sign up for a package and demand the money up front. Many reputable coaches work on an hourly basis. They will suggest that you “commit” to a period of time but you will generally only be charged for the time you use and can stop an any time. Check out for more information.

  18. Had my interview today, was quoted $4899 for 1 yr. with 12 half hour sessions. Love Jack and his work and would be ready to jump in but my intuition stopped me. I actually asked if this price was the same for everyone and he said “yes”. Now I see their prices DO change. Also never heard about money back guarantee, 6 mo’s coaching option or group coaching for that matter. Hmmm…. Nice person, nice interview but did get a little pushy in the end. Would love to hear about any coaches clients rave about!!!

  19. Hi Lee,

    I too believe in team coaching. Lmk how you are doing with that, if any. Hope it’s working!

  20. Don’t do it !!
    I have just been through the course and have no plan of attack , i told them i wasn’t “getting” it . They just push on to next week ignoring the fact i didn’t get it . Then it is you who is at fault. In life there is no 100% training onsulting , anything
    Anyhow .. Go Elsewhere
    Very disappointed , most expensive mistake EVER!!

  21. I do not recommend this coaching program. Paying between $2000 to $6000 for coaching would be awesome if it was actually Jack Canfield who was doing the coaching. You get a coach from The PEI company. The coaching program teaches you how to set goals and accomplish them quickly. You could save yourself the money by reading Napoleon Hill books and doing the work he recommends. Follow Napoleon Hill’s advice: write down your goals, keep a journal, repeat positive affirmations, and work on your goals every single day. You don’t need to spend thousands to have someone teach you about goal setting. Read Jack’s book ‘Success Principles’ and do what the book says!

  22. I’ve been reading Jack Canfield and Napoleon Hill’s books as well. Implementing the principles a few at a time. Cheers, Scott!

  23. Thank you all for your comments, they were really helpful.

    I was considering signing up for this program but then I realized it would have been a costly mistake, I already know from memory The Success Principles and all Jack’s materials.

    Maybe another type of coaching would be more beneficial to me.

  24. Thanks for this blog. I Am getting the calls now and really like the idea of a coach, but really don’t feel like doing it! They started calling me after I signed up for a webinar. Funny though,mthey didnt call my friend who signed up also.

    Anyway, imam motivated…I’m lazy when i am out of work since i work hard!

    Nevertheless, I just need a friend to push me. I did it once when I told a gf I wanted to publish a couple of articles. She kept asking me how I was doing and in a coupl,e of months I did it. The price was right!

  25. Hi all.
    After reading all the posts- here’s mine!
    I’m currently being coached to become a life and financial coach.
    I researched many sites and people, and ultimately signed onto one site:
    This lady is A-m-a-z-I-n-g! In a little over a year, I’ve taken over 4 workshops of hers as well as personal one on one coaching and have transformed my life and my children’s life many fold.
    Remember- your coach needs to have high energy and vibration to be able to lift yours.
    In Abundance,
    P.s. LOA- you choose and manifest for yourself. When you fear and let others fear flow into you, you attract that into being. Those who desire to move forward in life with coaching will find a good coach.
    Pps Money is in Abundance! If you fear coaching fees, you are limiting yourself in many places one being able to attract more money.

  26. I just finished my interview with “Jacks” people. The initial screener told me that I would be involved in an “exclusive” program working very closely with “Jacks” coaches, and even sometimes Jack himself. That was yesterday. Today I had my 1hr interview where I had an overall very pleasant and beneficial conversation. Here are a few points I’d like to point out:

    1. The 1hr interview can be extremely helpful, be honest with the coach take notes, and you may discover a few useful truths about yourself.

    2. I want a coach, I also want to eventually BE a coach. Life coaching school from one of the top schools is apx $7,000 I think the school is called CTI. Now the salesperson/coach i spoke with on the phone, quoted me one year program with 2 options: one on one sessions for apx $5,000 or group sessions for apx $3,000. So for 2k more and in the same timeframe of 1 year, I can actually study coaching, have access to many helpful resources, have my own dedicated teacher/coach, become ICF certified and legitimately building a business in the coaching community.

    3. As a successful salesperson, I know a sales pitch when I see one. By the end of the conversation you may emotionally charged and excited about the program that all you want to know is the cost.

    4. They make the program sound exclusive, but thanks to this forum we know its not. The coaches are making the prices up as they go, the price is different for everyone. I actually haggled the guy down on price/payment terms.

    5. I don’t think Jack personally will be involved like I was told he would.

    Recommendation: Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Just because this experience was not what it originally presented itself to be, doesn’t mean that coaching isn’t an effective way to get to your dreams more quickly. Coaching isn’t always about motivation either. It can be about accountability, focus, guidance, and even just support. Its helpful for some to have positive feedback that your on the right track, even when you can’t see the results right away. So, don’t give up!

    Best of luck to everyone searching

  27. The price difference was most likely because the interviewer identified which coach would be a match for you, and that coach has their own rate.

  28. Thank you very much for this post! I am currently going through a year long coaching program (almost complete) and this post helped me clarify how I will proceed with the initial contact with clients.

    In reading the posts below, I can see that most of the hesitations are about cost, and from not knowing ‘the process’ of coaching.

    I will respond to posts below in hope of providing some insight based on what I have come to understand through the coaching program I am doing.

  29. Thanks, Jabin! I will take a look at the link you posted!

    I do somewhat disagree with your comment: ‘your coach needs to have high energy and vibration to be able to lift yours’. Yes, a coach needs to come to a call fully present, be in tune with the client, and have a clear vision of where that client wishes to go but doesn’t necessarily have to have ‘high energy’. Maybe I misunderstood? It is the tools that are used to raise the client’s vibration. There are different kind of coaches, and just like their clients, coaches are at different levels in learning in the journey. So you want to find the right coach for you, one that is a bit ahead of you. The important thing is to find the right fit, someone who has been where you are now.

    We are encouraged to find our niche in coaching. Part of this is for business marketing but also to offer something that is uniquely me, to essentially find my gift, what I am good at. A coach is offering who they are as a person. Essentially, anyone can be a coach but it does take a certain type of person who can really listen, demonstrate compassion, offer a safe place to be open and honest, and to not-judge. The skill that I am learning is to get better at asking the right questions in the moment. This requires being fully present with the client, and trusting intuition.

    A good coach is one who is really going to listen, and ask questions- powerful questions. The point of a coach is to guide the client to empower him/herself, not to teach, or advise.

  30. You’d make a great client for a coach!

    The coach-client relationship is one based on total honesty. :) The power of coaching is revealed in the first session. I am not surprised that you discovered some new truths about yourself.

    Coaches need coaches too! We are always learning, and growing to the next level. :)

    About the cost… I posted this elsewhere. It sounds like the interviewer is determining who would be the best coach for the client. The reason for the price variation may be due to different rates set by the individual coach.

    Coaches are excited to see shifts in their clients, to see them grow, and evolve. These shifts happen quickly, I have seen it. Yes, coaching is a business but the primary reason people choose coaching as a career is because they like to help others. In the case of Jack Canfield, he is well known which means he is in demand, so he has other coaches on his team who he obviously trusts to coach those who would like to have his coaching. As coaches become in demand, their rates do go up. Regarding Jack Canfield,could it be that your interpretation of involved was misunderstood? It could be possible for a group program but highly unlikely for a one-on-one.

    Coaching is about wanting change, and being accountable and committed to change . A coach helps a client get what they want at an extraordinarily fast pace compared to the time it would take a client to find their answers on their own. I mentioned in another post here about the role of a coach, what a coach does:

    A good coach is one who is really going to listen, and ask questions- powerful questions. The point of a coach is to guide the client to empower him/herself, not to teach, or advise. A coach encourages, and guides a person to his/her true self, and wants, and to the answers within often hidden in the subconscious mind.

    Did you follow through with a coaching program? Go for it!

    Many Blessings to you on your journey. :)

  31. I coach can help you get clear on what you want. Once you determine what you want, once you have that clarity, you’ll be motivated to change. :) All the best to you on your journey!

  32. Sorry for the typo! *A* coach can help you get clear on what you want. Once you determine what you want, once you have that clarity, you’ll be motivated to change. :) All the best to you on your journey!

  33. Clarification: Each individual coach may have a different rate. This may explain the different quotes people are receiving.

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