Coach Edwin! You are heaven-sent!

The first time a client said this to me, I was elated! To hear those words as a result of a service I love providing … it is heaven not just for the client, also for ME!

She came to me frustrated with how she was living her life. She had been living a life that had so much more to be desired.

  • She was working in the family business where she felt she wasn’t truly contributing with her core talents/passions … 
  • her relationships with her family were strained because of trauma from her childhood … 
  • her lovelife … “why is it soooo elusive?” 
  • her confidence and self-esteem were at an all time low 
  • and her relationship with her God … seemed to have stagnated, just like everything else in her life.


I recognized the patterns early on. I’ve seen these signs time and again. And I know very specifically how I can help people in this situation. 

How am I able to help people like the client described above? Let me take you back a few years and share how I developed the skills to serve clients. 

icon About

My name is Edwin S. Soriano

I am a Trainer, Life Coach and Author. 

I connect well with my clients because I know what it’s like to be at rock-bottom. 

In 2007, I had a great job in an awesome multinational company, I was growing in my career and finances, I was travelling to many new places … .

And yet, when I get home, it was all empty … as empty as my heart at that time. Because my sweetheart for 13 years left me. We were 3 years married at that time. 

And in my rock-bottom, that’s where I discovered two major aspects of my life which I may have totally missed if not for my heartbreak. 

First, I sought the Lord. I went church-hopping, just opened myself up to different ways of getting to know more about our good God. I eventually settled in as a regular attendee of The Feast led by Bro Bo Sanchez. 

Second, I immersed myself in personal development. I read tons of books about relationships, personal finance, personal mastery. And I started attending personal development seminars, one after the other. 

Oh boy, that very first time I was investing my hard-earned money for a weekend seminar — I felt like taking a leap of faith. And I never looked back. It was the single most valuable investment in myself that resulted in more and more learning that led me to where I am today. 

I’ve invested myself in over a hundred personal development opportunities, invested millions and millions of pesos developing my skills and self-mastery, and made many huge mistakes along the way … I now serve my clients to the best that I can, knowing that I am a mere instrument of change, of transformation, of healing.

How I serve clients

I am the author of “You Can Be Happy Again” launched at the Manila International Book Fair. 

I’ve been featured in CNN Philippines (Real Talk, MedTalk), TV5 / AksyonTV, The Filipino Channel, on radio programs in The Philippines (DZMM, Veritas, DZRJ) and abroad (SBS Australia). I am a contributor for global personal development publications like Thrive Global, Good Men Project and Addicted2Success. 

I’ve conducted training for global companies like Toyota, BPI, BDO, Nestle, Jollibee, Intel, Maynilad, Metrobank, Smart, retail giant SM, AXA, Manulife, Usana, AIG, ABS-CBN, Resorts World, VXI Global, European Chamber of Commerce, Founder Institute, Kerygma Conference, Light of Jesus Family. 

I’m the creator of multiple public seminars in personal development including: “Rise Up! The 5am Club”, “The REALationships Seminar” and “Skyrocket: The 60-day Goal Fulfilllment Program”. 

I now serve in the Council of the Feast PICC AM as Pastoral co-head serving our community with our builder Bro Audee Villaraza and Bro. Bo Sanchez. 

If you’re searching for ways to improve your team’s productivity

If you want to nurture relationships whether at work or at home, 

If you want to learn practical tools to overcome the anxieties during a time of crisis like Covid-19, 

If you want CHANGE in your life, career/business, relationships … 

NOW is a great time to invest in yourself, invest in your team, invest in your relationships. 

I look forward to serving you.