I encountered Lloyd Luna one day and started reading more about him. I was fascinated with what this young man had achieved.

He was a student journalist who had risen from a “great depression” in his life. He had made good and accumulated his wealth through books (“Is there a job waiting for you?” among others), speaking engagements (an inspirational speaker), events management and marketing. Lloyd is so prolific, I hear that Lloyd is able to write a book within two weeks.

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What inspired me most is that he was a Millionaire by age 25 (link to “K” interview). That just means that he had created so much value for society that he was given back millions for the value he created. That is the kind of value I want to create as well.

Millionaires Among Us, Millionaire within
Millionaires Among Us, Millionaire within

Among us

One afternoon, I metup with my friends Gene and Michelle about blogging. In the conversation, I told them about Lloyd Luna. I was raving about Lloyd and how he was a millionaire by age 25. With wide passionate eyes and animated gestures, I told them how Lloyd had created his millions.

Well into my raving story, there was a pause in our conversation.

Michelle turned to Gene and asked “Ikaw Gene, kailan ka naging milyonaryo?”

Gene replied: “Mga 26 na. Ikaw?”

Michelle: “27 na ata. Talo tayo kay Lloyd.”

Hahaha! Here I was raving about a young millionaire, exposing my fascination to my friends Gene and Michelle. Only to find out that they were millionaires themselves! :D

Gene had accumulated his millions as an Electrical Engineer OFW travelling the world in a ship thrice the size of Megamall. He is very  thrifty (takes the public bus to his home in Bulacan) and you couldn’t tell by his looks that he’s a millionaire.

Michelle had accumulated her wealth through real estate. She started by selling a property in Cubao. Now she sells multiple units and even buildings!

Millionaires true.

Within us

I told the same story to my friend Caloy. He asked “Ikaw rin naman, ‘di ba?” Caloy continued to share that if you counted everything, many people are in fact millionaires. Caloy pointed out that he has millions but the money isn’t stacked in some bank, sleeping. He has his millions in a laundry business and in other enterprises.

Good point, Caloy!

Which made me think. I actually DO have millions under my name. The million I have isn’t in cold cash, though  — it would be silly to be keeping cold cash in a bank and not making those millions earn more.

Come to think of it, my millions are being leased out to my real estate tenants. I too am a millionaire. And it’s not just in paper. I AM a millionaire in the value I can create for society, with the knowledge and skills that I can share to society.

How about you?

You do have the “millions” within you, wouldn’t you agree?
The millions in creativity, in spirit, in ideas, in knowledge, in skills, in passion.
It’s just a matter of time, commitment and action to take the millions within you and pour them back to society to create more value for Filipinos.
Then, you’ll have the millions within you and the millions around you as you create even more value for society!

Wahooo! We are millionaires, deep inside! ;-)


They say you are the average of the people you interact with most closely. You want to be a millionaire? Be with millionaires. And that starts with you, it starts by having a Millionaire Mind.
Read: T Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.

T Harv Ekers Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
T Harv Eker's "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

ka edong
milyonaryo deep inside

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