PasikBlogan Challenge #6: Video Blog. 
Ever done a video blog before? Stretch yourself, get creative. And don’t forget to have fun making your 1st (or nth) video blog. 


In this video blog, I speak of what I learned from Bo Sanchez at the Feast. The Feast is a coming together of people for a Catholic mass followed by teachings by preachers led by Bo Sanchez. I attended the PICC Feast yesterday (not CCP).

Love is Patient
Love is Patient

Here’s sharing about Patience, love, control, concern, influence and many things in between.

Many great insights at the preaching. Visit . The complete teaching should come out there in a few days.

Was this video blog a stretch for me? In some ways, yes. For instance, I wasn’t in the mood to video blog on Saturday. I had to find a better moment to video blog. Have I done this before? Yes, I have. And this one is *still* in plain vanilla, almost raw.

Perhaps the stretch here is accepting this video blog as is, not being too anal about it. I would have loved to cut out some of the segments, but that would take up too much of my time, I know. So this is me being accepting of what I can do and choose not to do at this time.

I also know that YouTube has features for annotating. Maybe at a later time, I will get to it. But right now, i’ll leave it be. ;-)

Thus, my video blog for PasikBlogan Challenge #6 (not #7 as mentioned in the video).


Edwin “ka edong” Soriano

PasikBlogan is a challenge for Bloggers to stretch outside their comfort zone. Learn more at the PasikBlogan facebook page. 

4 thoughts on “Love is Patient

  1. Nice V-log! So that explains the ambient noise. Ang galing naman, how you can concentrate taking your vid and discuss something like that in a busy, public place such as BHS. At may visual aid pang sabi mo “whiteboard”… I’d say mas “Palm Top” yun. LOLz. COOL! Ikaw na! :-)

  2. thanks days! It’s a challenge for me to concentrate. Minsan, ang daming thoughts, di makahabol ang mga salita. kaya humahaba. same with blogging, minsan dahil sa daldal, daming sinasabi :-). We learn. Thanks for dropping a note! ;-)

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