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ATTENTION! Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Professionals and Freelancers​​​

After 12 years of coaching thousands of clients, individually and in groups, I discovered a framework to achieving your life goals and live..

The most fulfilled and purposeful life that gets you out of bed every day..

Discover a Step-By-Step System to

let go of your procrastination and Build a meaningful life

With Just 3 Simple steps per week

without feeling lost in career and relationships!

Dear friend,

If you are currently feeling stuck or want to achieve your goals sooner without feeling overwhelmed or lost..

I have exciting news for you…

There’s a tried and tested way for you to figure out a meaningful life goal and achieve it day after day, month after month without compromising on your personal life commitments and responsibilities.

In fact, with this method, there are creators who
✅  wrote their first AND second books..
✅  found their life’s purpose and went ahead to making it a reality..
✅  Are making full time living or even quadrupled their income in 60 days
✅ Renewed their relationships and came out of their toxic life!

It’s called the Rise Up – 5 am Club, commonly known as #ru5ac

And it’s specifically designed for meeting goals every day by actually taking actionable steps instead of the common methods you’re likely familiar with. Such as filling up a goal sheet and giving timelines that are never met!!

Meaning we use the exact framework that has resulted in great measurable and personal growth results within a month of applying it!

I have created a method full of milestones and deadlines so that you could actually build your dream life instead of being inconsistent and designing a new game plan every single week!

The best part is, you don’t even need to commit your entire day to making it happen. If you can commit 60 odd-minutes of your time to achieving your own dreams, you are sorted!

And you can leverage the Rise up weekly experts sessions to learn from those leaders who have been there, done that and stay committed to your dreams even if you were never consistent in the past.

In fact, in some ways this can actually be a game changer..You’ll know when you get to meet the experts such as Bo Sanchez, John Pagulayan and more every week!

So, if you want to start building a meaningful life and meet your goals, you want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you.

Hi, my name is Edwin Soriano…

I’m a Life Coach, Trainer, and Author of the book “You Can Be Happy Again.”

I’m also the founder of Rise up – 5 am Club (#ru5ac) and REALationships Masterclass!

I’ve been very fortunate to coach thousands of business leaders, startup founders, freelancers and creators, on how to turn their dream goals into reality (both personally and professionally).

I have Helped aspiring creators, having dreamed of it for 10 years, finally publish their book within 60 days..

Saved life of a retiring high ranking government official (story for another day)

Helped Startups grow their revenue exponentially..

But before all this…

I Failed at Both Personal AND Professional Life!

The corporate life gave me great financial and career growth..

I was on top of my game … on the outside..

But my life never felt fulfilled..

I felt burnt out and completely distracted.

Eventually, waking up and going to work was no more aligned..

Not only this, I was also torn and crumpled from inside. My wife had left me after a 13 year relationship.

Boy, I was all over the place.

I was lost.

It was high time to look at where I was heading to and take a call.

So I took responsibility and figured ways to define life’s purpose and goals, to make my life meaningful, to make it more than myself!

Everything changed when I *finally* saw the patterns that lead to successful goal fulfillment and a Happy Life.

I started to apply them and achieve my own dream life.

I started spending 60 minutes (or sometimes even more since I was falling in love with my life over and over again..).

I planned a small goal – a one day goal to be precise and achieved it..

…Even though it was a “Small Goal” to begin with, it was enough to propel me forward.

It was enough for me to realize that:

You don’t have to fear success or feel undeserving to live a happy, joyful and meaningful life..

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to figure it all out on your own and lose yourself in the process..

You don’t have to give up your COMFORT ZONE to make it all possible..

You can simply follow what has worked in the past for other successful leaders, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals..

Follow through, and then create your own version of happiness..

In other words…

The path to Abundance is to believe that you are on the right path and..

Follow Proven-and-Tested Framework to setting and achieving Goals​

If you want to make your dream life a reality, you need to follow the systems that already work..

This is where life transformational frameworks come in.

Business Leaders, Startup Founders, Freelancers and Professionals have followed the exact same frameworks step by step very day to reach their goals..

Depending upon what goals they set up for themselves, they were able to achieve them in a fraction of a few months, a quarter and a year..

The framework we have proven time and time again comprises of three simple steps:
(frequently known as outside-in framework)

Just DO it! Show Up! Rise Up!

  1. Phase 1, Set Goals: A framework to understand what you really want in life. If you don’t know your goals yet, it is absolutely impossible to achieve them. This is the step to set up your foundation.
  2. Phase 2, Plan Daily Intentional Action: Life doesn’t happen overnight. Planning the “overnight success” happens in months and years. You see your thoughts turning into reality in phase 2. This is the step where it all begins!
  3. Phase 3, Celebrate and Do better: Some people confuse life with work. Freedom is doing what you want, when you want, with the people you love, for as long as you want. If you ain’t celebrating, you ain’t living. This is the part where you grow..

If you can spend a little bit of time everyday with Rise up Club, and master the frameworks mentioned above (just like my clients and I did)…

You’ll experience a successful happy life consistently.. To create EXTRAOrdinary results Day-by-Day

When you use this framework..

✅ You’ll feel happy and purposeful, will have a positive mindset and self confidence even if you’ve constantly questioned your abilities in the past.

✅ You’ll be able to achieve financial stability for yourself and your loved ones and will have intentional path towards achieving your MONEY goals.

✅ You’ll be excited to set a goal for yourself, not depending on other people’s standards and feel some sense of control in your life

✅ You’ll FINALLY be able to define your life’s purpose appropriately and stop feeling lost month after month..

✅ Meaningful and purposeful life can be unique to each one of us. You will know EXACTLY what you want so you can stay motivated and be consistent towards making it a reality.

✅ You’ll have a focused and disciplined approach and will completely kick out self doubts and overthinking from your life.

✅ You’ll know how to achieve your dream life without giving up your comfort zone (and yet finish your set goals in time).

✅ You’ll always be grateful to god, to people around you and most importantly, to yourself for listening to your heart and soul. This will only bring more ABUNDANCE to you!

…and this isn’t just it.

When I shared these frameworks inside #ru5ac with my students, here’s what some of my students experienced:

It’s Time to Choose Your Happy Life Over Everything Else

I did all the hard work of finding a proven system that ACTUALLY works.

I went through the pain, struggle, and hassle of finding a framework that CAN HELP ANYONE FIND THEIR LIFE’s PURPOSE.

These are the systems that are easy to follow and have helped my clients and I achieve THE LIFE TRANSFORMATIONS WE DESIRED.

These frameworks will work wonders to help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS PREDICTABLY.

I will share with you my exact step-by-step process and frameworks, live handholding, Q&As, Meditation, Expert’s sessions and much more on a daily basis inside



This is the ONLY Membership Coaching Program in the Philippines that’ll walk you through the goal defining and fulfillment process through a daily live session (and direct access to me!) and help you build your dream life, every day!

This membership program will handover the no-fluff, easy-to-implement, tried and tested system that will fastrack your results (whether it is a weekly goal, monthly or yearly!).

I have created this framework to help Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Professionals and Freelancers
TO CREATE ExtraOrdinary Results Day-by-day.

Rise up is a monthly membership coaching program that gives you daily ACTIONABLE, EASY TO IMPLEMENT strategies to fulfill your goals..

UNLIKE other membership programs that only give you access to templates, recordings and an Fb group and leave everything for you to figure out on your own!
You know deep inside, what happens when you don’t achieve the goals you set for yourself.. You get into the vicious cycle of questioning your abilities and self doubts come in.

This membership is the answer to your dream life, to take you out of that “feeling stuck” stage to actually “Achieving it”.

Here’s what You’ll get inside This membership program,
Rise up, 5 am Club:

Daily Core Class: (Live Sessions)
📌  Exercise – health & wellness to reach your dreams,
📌  Meditation – to clear your mind
📌  Gratitude – daily dose of joy
📌  Learning – sharpen the saw daily
📌  Accountability – community of excellence

📌  Bible Study – nourish your soul
📌  Co-Working space – Get things done
📌  Fitness – group work-out (add-on)
📌  ToastMasters – speak confidently (add-on) + Entrepreneurs, Parenting, etc.

That’s not it..
You will also get access to:
📌  The long-time plan: get it going, get it done now.
📌  Your typical results — expand it 2x, 5x or 10x.
📌  Learn from World-Class performers.
📌  Grow with inspiring, excellent performers

Oh! We have more..

Here’s how Rise Up! The 5am Club… FAST ACTION BONUSES looks like:

1️⃣ The Ultimate 10X VisiOn-Boarding
Design your Level 10 Exceptional Life!
Fulfill it earlier than you think
Valued at: P10,000

2️⃣#ru5ac Platinum Collections
Mindsets (10+ vids, Valued at P15,000)
Heartsets (10+ vids, Valued at P15,000)
Healthsets (10+ vids, Valued at P15,000)
Spiritsets (10+ vids, Valued at P15,000)
… for the ridiculously low price of only P17,990 (10% off the actual price of P19,990) for the entire year.

(That’s just a measly 49 pesos a day.)

But here’s the bad news..

You will have to act fast.

Access to these Exclusive Fast Action bonuses worth P70,000 for free will go away on 28th April, midnight!

If you want to change the way you look at your life and make it count, now is the time!

Fast Action Bonus Ends Soon.


I know some of you might be wondering why I’d do such a thing.

Why make this membership program so affordable that it would be too easy for anyone to join?

It’s because my life purpose is to help people heal.

I want to help you stop doing things mindlessly and start doing what is truly meaningful to you without the same pain, struggle, and hassle I went through.

We’ve all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in many different ways…

I simply want to do my part and help more people RISE UP from their challenges this year.

And I believe that YOU can be the next one to achieve your breakthrough and reach your big dreams when you become part of RU5AC!

You’ll get access to the Members Only area, all the bonuses, Facebook group and everything in between.

And here’s what happens after you click this button:

1️⃣  You’ll be taken to a secure order form page where you can review and complete your payment details.

2️⃣  Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with details.

3️⃣  Get Access to the BONUSES in the email.

For reference, you’ll also be receiving an email with all the links inside.


If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay via Bank Deposit.

You can deposit your payment of ₱17,990 to any of the bank accounts below:

Account Name: TEAMPLANU, Inc.
BPI Savings Account: 8401-0010-22
BDO Savings Account: 0116-8010-3065

Once you paid through a bank deposit, here are the next steps:

Step #1: Write your complete name and contact number on the deposit slip and take a clear picture of it.

Step #2: Write an email with the subject line “#ru5ac: Payment sent”

Step #3: Insert the picture in the email.

Step #4: Send the email to “

Step #5: Wait for a confirmation email from us.

We’ll send a reply within 24-48 hours.

I am ready to step up for only P17,990

Fast Action Bonus Ends Soon.


And before I forget, I am also giving away access to my very premium Live 16 hours REALationship masterclass.

You can upgrade your subscription and have both!

This offer will go away in two days. I generally don’t open it publicly. It is only the existing #ru5ac members who could actually go ahead and plan for it.

I am also not planning to open the doors to REALationships anytime soon after 28th of April.

This is open only for the 20 action takers who want to clear the trash from inside..

It is more of an inner work!



✅ Clarify Your Trash
✅ Clear Out Trash
✅ Create The Life You Want
✅ 5 Coaching Sessions
✅ 16 hrs of training + Coaching

Actual Investment:

Php 40,000


Get out of Funk: P16,000
Dissolve Dilemmas P16,000
Level-up REALationships: P16,000

Total Bonuses: P48,000 – FREE if you register before 28th April!

Today, you can have both #ru5ac and REALationships Masterclass for P49,990 only.

There is strength in numbers, as they say.

And with the support of 105+ members who are on the same journey with you…

You’re bound to stay committed and determined to do your part so you continue to grow each day and move a step closer to making your big dreams a reality.

Now if you want to level up everything and get additional training plus coaching sessions.
Whatever you choose for yourself, know that I am rooting for you and your success!

See you inside,
Coach Edwin


Q: What happens in Rise Up! The 5AM Club? How long is the duration of the program?

A: Rise Up! The 5AM Club or RU5AC is a movement for big dreamers to lock-in their first 2 hours of the day in productive and creative work. As a community, we meet everyday (Monday to Sunday) at 5-6 AM and together we have exercise, prayer/meditation, gratitude, and learning sessions that are focused on matters of the mind, heart, health, and soul.

For the second hour (or more) from 6 AM onwards, you can choose to use this time for YOUR priority activities whether that’s exercise, writing, reading, preparing a healthy meal, spending time with family, etc.

You can be in the program for as long as you choose, for as long as you are subscribed with an active membership. There is no end to the RU5AC journey, with new content being added each and every day. Currently, you can access yearly membership along with BONUS till 28th April, 2021.

Q: What if I don’t make it to the 5AM session? Will there be a recording? Can I join even if I’m from a different timezone?

A: Since we’re into developing the habit of waking up early, we encourage you to be present during the LIVE session at 5AM. But for those who are from a different timezone (or even those who are working on night shifts), recordings can be made available by request.

Q: I’m ready to join RU5AC now, what are the payment options available?

A: You can pay via online bank transfer to BDO, BPI and GCash. We also accept debit or credit card payments via PayTerminal (with an additional charge of 5% PayTerminal service fee).

Q: Is the membership “splittable”?

A: “Splittable” means that a member with a 6- or 12-month subscription plan can split or share the subscription with another person. For example, you may get a 12-month subscription plan and share it with a partner (such as your spouse, parent, child, friend, etc.) for 6 months, so you can both attend the sessions at the same time — 6 months for you, 6 months for your partner. Your partner may attend the Zoom meetings with you at your same home; or can attend from a separate location, e.g. you in Manila, your partner in the province or in another country.