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When I was a kid, I watched a movie entitled “Firestarter”.

Firestarter: Starring David Keith and Drew Barrymore
Andy McGee has mind bending psychic powers -- he can influence other people's thinking. His daughter Charlie can start fires with her mind -- a firestarter.

In the movie, there was a kid “Charlie” (played by Drew Barrymore) who could start fires just by thinking about it. She got her powers because her parents were part of a medical experiment that helped them gain telekinetic and psychic abilities. (Reference link: Firestarter )

Andy McGee and Daughter Charlie - the Firestarter
Andy McGee and Daughter Charlie - the Firestarter

I got an opportunity to hang out with Charlie’s father, Andy McGee when he visited the College of Engineering at UP Diliman. Andy honed his psychic powers through the years and shared what he has learned.

Excerpts from our conversation with Andy McGee over some sticks of isaw and bottles of sprite near the Kalayaan Dorm.

Edwin Soriano (ESS): Hi Andy, glad to have you here in the Philippines. Kumusta na? 

Andy McGee (AMG): Thanks Edwin. It’s always a pleasure catching up with you. I missed the isaw a whole lot and this is a big treat for me.

ess: It’s been more than two decades since 1986 when the world got to know about your psychic abilities through the movie Firestarter.  I have a cooool name for your power to influence people’s minds. I call it Mind Bending. Can you tell us more about your psychic powers of Mind Bending?

amg: I always knew I had psychic powers even when I was a kid. I would think about having champorado for breakfast (my mom’s Filipina) with some tuyo, and before I knew it, I would smell the aroma of champorado and tuyo wafting in the air. I think my mom had psychic powers too — she always knew when I was lying, or when I was hiding something. Hahahaha! I got my psychic powers from my mom.

In college, through an experiment, I was able to hone my psychic powers.

Basically, I’m able to influence other people’s thinking. For instance, one time my daughter and I got in a cab, I didn’t have enough money. I brought out a one dollar bill, paid it to the cab driver and made him think that it was a hundred dollar bill. At binigyan pa niya ako ng change! That’s one of the cheap thrills of being able to influence other people’s minds.

ess: What’s your best use of your power to influence other people’s minds?

amg: Some people say I can control the minds of other people. Sure I can. I can make them think specific things. I can make them think a coil of rope is a snake. I can make them think that they want to jump into the river. I can make them think that they forgot something at home.

But all that is momentary and fleeting. What I like about my power is the power to truly influence other people’s thinking in a long-term and empowering way.

For instance, there was a time when I felt like a victim. Victim to circumstances. Victim of the government. Victim of the society. I was blaming everybody and anybody else for the rut that I was in many years ago. I felt helpless. Because when I blame other people for my situation, I remove myself from the power found in taking responsibility of our lives.

When I learned how empowering it is to take responsibility for my life, it was liberating. Now I’m no longer a victim. I have complete belief that the results in my life are brought about by my mindset and the actions I take.

This is one of the mindsets that I share with my friends. ;-)

This is the true power of influencing other people’s minds.

ess: Awesome! You think I can learn to influence other people’s minds as well?

amg: Of course you can!

ess: How can we do that?

amg: Here’s how you can start: Start influencing your own mind first. You’ve got to train yourself to have empowering thoughts. Just like what one of your local TV Ads says: “Walang aayaw! Think Pasitib!”

It’s thinking positive that will bring positive results. It’s being positive that will bring positive results. It’s acting with a positive vibe and a happy and faithful belief — that is what will bring positive results.

And when you’re able to think that way, and be that way, you will naturally influence other people. It takes time and practice. There will be some low times. But keep going. Keep going and enjoy the journey of learning.

ess: Well said. I couldn’t have said it better. Isaw pa!?

amg: I’d like to have some tenga …

~~~~~~end of interview~~~~~~~~

edWIN “Ka Edong” Soriano

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