I’ve never hesitated to tell friends and family how Intel has been very good to me.

I observed this the very strongly in 2006 when our group knew that some of us had to leave the company. During the time of ambiguity and uncertainty, I had made a decision that I will focus on work instead of search for other opportunities.

Edwin Leaps Ahead
Edwin Leaps Ahead

I came to this decision for two reasons. First, I was just starting my career at Intel and I wanted to make the most of it. Second, I realized that if I was going to be asked to leave, I had a very generous offer to go along with me. I was confident enough that I could turn around and find good opportunities out there. And Intel was there to help me through the transition.

Back in 2006, I was asked to stay on, and I took the challenge head on.

It was an awesome three years.

Now, after three great years at Intel, I take leave.

In my exit interview a few days ago, I shared with Yen that I am proud to be part of Intel. I was especially proud about how Intel takes care of its employees, moreso in these times of difficulty. I know there are some who would not agree with me.

But in the big picture, you really have to give it to Intel. The way the transition is managed, the kind of support it gives its employees, the programs (career fair, skills trainings, finance workshops, migration seminar, alternative careers etc.), the career advancement, the timing, the parties, the perks.

Intel has been good to me.
I am proud to have been part of Intel.
Now Intel is part of me.

Edwin “ka edong” Soriano
Intel Inside!

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  1. Hey Edwin – I wish all the best to you as you move on. I will be following your blog now that you have shared it with us. Mabuhay!

  2. naaliw ako sa website mo…pag bukas ko, Intel na Intel ang dating! Pati colors hehe…akala ko nagbukas lang ako ng circuit.

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