Two months ago, I was looking for a condominium unit to move to. I wanted to have a residence that was walking distance from my office.

I found a perfect condo building just 5 minutes from my office, with the help of my Bos. There was just one unit available at that time. And another person was ahead of me in the queue of interested tenants.

On the day that we were to see the available unit, I met the real estate broker, Gerry, and the prospect tenant Raffy. Raffy was given the first option to refuse. If (and only IF) he didn’t like the unit, I had the chance to get the unit.

To make the long story short, Raffy got the condo unit. I was left empty handed that day. Although Raffy was helpful in giving me leads of where to find another condo, I wanted *his* unit badly.

But my mother’s words of wisdom came to my rescue.
I confided in her over the phone and told her how unfair the world is and that only the good looking mestizo types with matangos na ilong get all the breaks in this world (I’m good looking, but not mestizo).

My mother’s reply was simple: “Hindi ukol”. It’s not meant to be. ;-) .

Just a week after “losing” the condo to Raffy, the broker told me there was going to be another unit to be vacated in January. I checked out the unit. It was a *better* unit than Raffy’s! Sooo much better than Raffy’s! Ah, *this* is meant to be!

I now stay in a nice condo unit. It’s a beautiful studio, a few minutes walk from my office, accessible to places to eat, exercise, walk, swim. I have a nice cozy living room and bedroom in one, a good home office space too (thanks keric for the table!) and the sky outside my window. In sum, I’m a happy puppy! I just moved in yesterday in time for my 34th turn around the sun.

God always has a grand plan for us.
We won’t recognize it immediately at that moment, but trust that it is a plan that will lead to better growth and happiness for us.

As we believe that better things come to us, thus it will be.

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.

34 turns around the sun

2 thoughts on “I’m cool in my new Condo – so Ukol!

  1. what you’ve said is so true. If something is not for you, it wont be but if you just wait for a little while, you’ll be surprised that what you end up with at the end is far better and more appropriate than what you orignally wished for. Nice sharing bro. :)

  2. Thanks, marissa! The universe has a way of giving us what we want, not necessarily in the way we want or at the time we want.

    Great hearing from you! Ang galing ng website mo, ha! Fashionflair27! Congratulations! Galing galing, kaptid!

    At siyempre, ang gaganda ng mga models! :D

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