I did another run, after 2 weeks of recuperating from my sore knee.

And it was a glorious, celebratory run!

Caption: Photo of Terra Verde vacation homes here at Orlando, Florida. Our family is staying in a house next to this lake. The house has six rooms and its own swimming pool. We’re a walk minute from the clubhouse where there’s a playground and a big swimming pool. Our “backyard” is this lake in the photo. I run around the place and around this lake yesterday. I celebrate! wahooooo!

Through this run, I re-affirmed once again that I shall conquer this marathon!

Through this run, I celebrate this vacation I have with my family.
A wonderful gift from a family friend who has made it big here in the US.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Through this run, I reflect on my experiences this past week, my experiences with the kids of essence all around me during this trip.

This is a glorious, celebratory run!

at peace

More photos coming up at: http://photos.edongskey.com

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