I learned about the IAMNINOY runners from Jiggy Cruz, apo of Cory. In one of his tweets two weeks ago, he asked people to sign-up for IAMNINOY runners (see www.iamninoy.com ) . I signed up immediately and got myself an IAMNINOY singlet. Part of my registration fee for IAMNINOY runners went to the 57-75 advocacy: Reverse the Education Crisis.

I was at the Kenny’s Urbanite run last Saturday evening, proudly wearing my IAMNINOY singlet. There was a good number of IAMNINOY runners there, I’d say more than a hundred.

Before the run, I had a chance to interview Jiggy. See the video below where I have a brief interview with Jiggy about the IAMNINOY runners.

Jiggy Cruz for IAMNINOY runners
Jiggy Cruz for IAMNINOY runners
iamninoy runners singlet
iamninoy runners singlet

Help reverse the Education Crisis, be a member of the IAMNINOY Runners.
To learn more about the IAMNINOY Runners, visit www.iamninoy.com .
See you in the next run!

ka edong gump
run edong, run!

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