“I hope you win!”

This was the greeting of  my pamangkins Andrei and Cali and their friend, Vianey, when they sent me off from the US on my way back to the Philippines before my marathon. They knew I was running a marathon because I was doing my training runs while we were in Florida.

I hope you win!
I hope you win! Andrei, Vianney and Cali cheering on ducks a-swimming

I wasn’t sure at first how to explain to them that I wasn’t trying to “win” – meaning I wasn’t aiming to finish ahead of all other runners.

But after some reflection, I was in fact running to win! I was running to win my own race. For me, winning my marathon meant finishing the marathon without any injuries, pushing myself further than “comfortable” and enjoying every minute of it!

And I DID win! I was smiling a whole lot during my marathon. Anybody observing me might have thought I was crazy! I was cheering myself on, rejoicing with every kilometer I conquer, discovering more about myself and my body with every step I took. I was even cheering the cheerers!

At the end of it all, I conquered my marathon! I finished what I set out to do! And I loved it! I loved not only the run, I loved the fact that I accomplished what I set out to do!

“When the intention is clear, the mechanism appears.”

There were many obstacles along the way, many changes in plans. But I was clear, I knew I wanted to conquer this marathon. And I did!

Now for my next marathon in life! And now I know that as long as I am clear with myself and determined to conquer my next life marathon, I know I can achieve it!

“Kung kaya mong isipin, kaya mong gawin!”

I won! I won myself in this marathon!

What are you running for, living this life for?

ka edong

6 thoughts on ““I hope you win!”

  1. hello ka edong,
    thanks for sharing, what a good insight to start the year. Fly high eagle…

  2. Hi Edong. Salamat ingan sa matinlong pagshare imong kwento. Kaka-inspire. Amblig permi. God bless!

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