In my most recent trip to Baguio to visit my parents, there were a lot of travelers because it was a three-day weekend (Nov 30 weekend). On our way down, I was not enjoying the drive at all after Marcos Highway and around 30 minutes after. There were just too many vehicles on the road. Everybody was trying to overtake each other. It was chaotic!

The Road Less Traveled
On The Road Less Traveled – Edwin Ka Edong and his masked friend.

And then we took the turn that put us on The Road Less Traveled! (TRLT). This is a route that bypasses so much traffic in Urdaneta and Tarlac.

And we were on good deserted roads the rest of the way until SCTEX. Oh what a relief!

Now I have a heightened appreciation for the route. It saves us around half an hour. And it gives us an awesome stress-free drive away from the traffic and the rest of the motorists. I also enjoy watching our progress using waze.

Here’s a video of The Road Less Traveled. This was recorded in the Nov1 weekend, traveling from Baguio to SCTEX on a Ford Explorer ;-) .

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