I still don’t have a marathon coach to show me the way to an enlightened 2 month training for my December 2 marathon.  

I spoke to a friend, Pablo, and he gave me a couple of tips as I prepare for my marathon:

  1. my weekly long runs should be at most 50% of my short runs. As I increase my long-run mileage, i should also increase my long run (via mileage or increased frequency)
  2. I should be doing 20kms already by this time (1 month before race date). I’m at 15km, will do 18km by this weekend.
  3. Get a hydration belt — in my 20 km / 30 km run, I need to be self-sufficient
  4. Get some Power Gel (by power bar) – available at Northface Shangri-la, Toby’s and Rene Tablante’s shop in Bonifacio High Street
  5. Alternative to Power Gel: Gu
  6. Need to get used to the motion of drinking electrolytes
  7. get some shades and a visor
  8. use petroleum jelly in all body parts which rub on clothes — e.g. shoulders, singit, nipples (!)
  9. “split times” — a print out of mileage versus time to help me keep within my pace
  10. look for a pace group to train with or to run with during the marathon
  11. 7pm thursdays on Odd weeks — Mozimo run at the Fort — next run is on Nov 8 (I can’t join, its PSI basic)

Bin items:

Here are a few other questions I still have in mind:

  • What kind of diet should I be taking during this training?
  • What fluids / food should I take before a long run? after a long run?
  • What other exercises must I do aside from running?
  • What gear/gadgets will help me improve my run in terms of safety, comfort and time?
  • What training regimen should I do in the last two weeks before the marathon? (nov 18 to dec1)

Any other tips from visiting marathoners?

ka edong
bagito takbo

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