Gratitude is what keeps the blessings flowing.
– edWIN Ka Edong Soriano

Back in college, I wrote a Christmas letter, encouraging friends to say “Thank You!” I said Christmas is a time to give thanks for the coming of our Lord, and to give thanks to the Jesus in everybody we meet.

For many people, saying thank you or being grateful has become a forgotten art. ;-)

Here are 10 18 22 31 34 ways to say thank you. :-)

Say Thank You with a Smile! - Smiley Masks at the SLEX toll gates
Say Thank You with a Smile! – Smiley Masks at the SLEX toll gates

How to Say Thank You (a Growing List)

  1. Say “Thank You” with a smile
  2. Look the person in the eye when you say “Thank You”
  3. Put in a happy tune, like you’re singing your “Thank You”
  4. Hug your friend
  5. Give kisses — like the chocolate kisses :D
  6. Dress up your thank you. Say “Thank you for …” and be short and sweet telling the person what you appreciate of the person.
  7. Say thank you to manong guard, mr waiter, ate janitress, kuya traffic officer. Say it with a smile or wave!
  8. Mouth your thank you! Say it from afar and still communicate it.
  9. Two short beeps. When I’m driving, I beep the horn with two short beeps. In the Philippines, that can mean “thank you”.
  10.  Write a thank you note.
  11. Send a thank you text message.
  12. Add Smileys to your text messages.
  13. Look-up an old teacher/mentor/coach/friend , send a thank you text/email/fb message.
  14. Look-up to the sky, smile and say “Thank You Lord!”
  15. Look into the mirror, look into those beautiful eyes and say “Thank You Lord! What a wonderful creation you made!”
  16. Hug your parents
  17. Hug your kids
  18. Hug your partner
  19. Write a commendation. Did a waiter/guard/teller/government employee serve you well? Write a commendation for them addressed to their manager. It takes just 5 minutes, even on a post-it note.
  20. When you commend waiter/guard/teller/employee, let other people around them hear about it or know about it.
  21. Write a blogpost about it, just like Teacher Cheryl did.
  22. Start a gratitude journal.
  23. Say “Thank You” without expecting anything in return.
  24. Say “Thank You” even if the other person doesn’t or cannot respond.
  25. Say “Thank You” in a whisper.
  26. Say “Thank You” for somebody, and be comfortable to be saying it just to yourself.
  27. Say “Thank You” to the universe.
  28. Say it with just a smile.
  29. Say it with smiling eyes.

    Say Thank You with Smiling Eyes -- Smiley Masks at the SLEX toll gates
    Say Thank You with Smiling Eyes — Smiley Masks at the SLEX toll gates
  30. Bring home pasalubong. My brother, when he was 6 years old and I was 5, would bring me a pack of sugar-coated peanuts! Sometimes half-a-pack (coz he couldn’t resist eating some!). Cup is half-full! Thank you, Kuya Eric! Love you!
  31. Cut-out a bible verse or quotation. Give it as a gift of thanks.
  32. Pray your “Thank You”.
  33. Pray for someone.
  34. Love

How do YOU say “Thank You”? Share your tips below ;-) .

ka edong

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