Christmas na, and I’m reviewing my 2012, getting ready for bigger things in 2013!

I am blessed this year through my finances.
Rezza and I started investing in the Stock Market middle of 2012.
And we’re growing our nest fund, knowing that with enough discipline, we’ll be millionaires in due time — sooner than later!
It’s exciting to wake up in the morning and be asking myself: “What stock shall I buy today?”

Financial Adviser Mike Vinas of COL Finance
Financial Adviser Mike Vinas of COL Finance

In a way, I feel like Warren Buffet or Donald Trump;-) .
And I’m happy I have the guidance from a person I trust, a person who aims to prosper me and help me grow – Bo Sanchez.
Through the Truly Rich Club of Bo, I get regular Stock Updates from Bo Sanchez and his team of financial advisers and stock analysts including Dean Pax Lapid (Lapid’s Chicharon), Edward Lee (COL Finance) and Mike Vinas (COL Finance). The newsletter educates me about the Stock Market and gives me advise on what stocks to buy. Saya!

It’s a wonderful growth opportunity and I want to share it with you ;-) .
Would you want to grow your finances?
Would you like to have more meaning in your financial life?
Wouldn’t it be great to be helping other people through your own finances?
Prosper yourself, so you can help others more!

Have a meaningful Christmas!


p.s. If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you read “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and Why you should too!”
Grab a copy now!

Edwin’s Purpose in Life:
“To help more, thus be more.”
As I help more, I become more of the person our God has created me to be.
As I become more of that person, I am able to help more of God’s people.

From Bo Sanchez:

How Much Did Your Money Grow In 2012?

If you put your money in a bank savings account, it grew by 1%. Actually, if you really want to be specific about it, it grew by 0.75% MINUS 20% withholding tax.
So you earned something next to…uh…air.
Okay, with some dust particles.
But not my 5000+ TrulyRichClub Members.

I taught them how to invest in the Stock Market. And this year, they grew their money by 20%, 30%, 40%…. (The differences largely depended on what specific Stock they bought in my list of recommended Stocks.)
They’re extremely happy. How happy? When they see me in the mall or on the road, they rush to me and hug me tight. But when they say, “Bo, I’m a TrulyRichClub Member…” I know why they’re hugging me.
Because I just made them richer in 2012.

I can’t make promises that the same thing will happen next year. Because anything can happen—a comet hitting planet earth, or World War III breaks out, or, shucks, we get an alien invasion from the next galaxy.
But this is what I will promise: I’ll be committed and strive my very best to make them richer again in 2013.

Today, I’m not writing to everybody.I’m specifically writing to people who want to grow their financial life—and who want my guidance in investing in the Stock Market.
Are you tired of being stuck in a rut in your finances?
Are you tired of your lingering debts?
Are you tired of feeling the pain of wanting to help people you love, but can’t, because you don’t have the resources?
Are you tired of your big fears and uncertainty?
Are you tired of working very hard everyday, only to realize that you don’t really have any savings for your future?
Just in case you’re that person, let me help you.

To know more about my TrulyRichClub, click the link below:
Yes Bo, teach me how to grow my money in 2013;
Tell me more about the TrulyRichClub

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez
PS. By the way, the TrulyRichClub isn’t just about Stock Market investing. That’s only one part. In the TrulyRichClub, aside from teaching people how to grow in their financial life, I also teach people how to grow in their spiritual life. For what’s the use of growing in your finances if you lose your soul?
To know more about the TrulyRichClub, click the link below:
Yes Bo, teach me how to grow my money in 2013;
Tell me more about the TrulyRichClub

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