Edwin Leaps Ahead in Intel

On the day I went back to work after my marathon – December 5 -, I somehow knew there was something special about that day. I realized around noontime that that day marked my 2nd year at Intel!

On my second year at Intel, I want to celebrate! I celebrate by listing the things I cherish most about my years at Intel.

  1. Financial rewards / stability / maturity
  2. Friends
  3. Travel!
  4. Global exposure to International counterparts
  5. Professional growth, learning how a world-class company does so well
  6. Opportunities opened up, opportunities to grow, to learn, to teach, to make an impact, to expand my knowledge and skills

Through my work in Intel, I have grown in times of personal difficulties. I am thankful for having a team where friendship is genuine and work is enjoyable!

Cheers to Edwin in Intel and the family I have grown with in the past two years!

Edwin’s Intel Family
Standing: Jun, Eileen, Elma, Marissa, Cele, Erwin, Chris, Raelean, Gelo, Gwapo
Seated: Anna, Teena, Cess
Squat-ted: Lloyd, Babby, Ric, Rex

Chairs! Mabu-hey!
ka edong

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