I am grateful for:

  • Good sleep
  • Time with Rezza and friends Lawrence and Jabar
  • Korea Garden
  • Re-connecting with Grace M., my eyes and ears.
  • 6 hour trip with two of my favorite people in the entire world.
  • Exchanging funny stories between Keric, Rezza and myself.
  • Coming home to the loving arms of dad and mom in Baguio.
  • Apologizing and acknowledging that are changes I need to make to improve my relationships. Honor other people’s time.
  • covering some deliverables via text.
  • Safe trip.
  • Nice warm bed.
  • A quiet home.
  • Continuing with my habit of writing a gratitude journal entry every night.
  • Sleeping well…
  • Good roads. Safe trip.
  • Baguio. Rezza. Home. Family.
Life is good!

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