My generic list of help needed

Training gear:

  • two additional pairs of running shoes (1 Fila, 1 Nike)
    • got an adidas @ paseo de santa rosa — P4,500 orig price, got it for P2,700. Yey! :-) (20Oct)
  • 5 running jerseys
  • 5 running shorts (got a +1)

Training my mind and heart:

  • audio books
    • Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols
  • Know by heart the Code of Ethics – done :-) yey! Thanks G! (21Oct)
  • Know by heart my 42 Thanks (by 30Oct)


  • Plane ticket to Singapore – booked!
  • Slot at Singapore Marathon – blog about this (by 30 Oct)


  1. Singapore-based contacts or group who can organize the event – done! Yey! Spoke to Joey Peciller of Global Pinoys, could possibly get their help in facilitating cashflow games.
    Next: Write a letter, send to Joey for discussion Oct 31 (by 28Oct)
  2. Venue — Lucky Plaza Mall — how can I secure space for 7 cashflow games in Lucky Plaza Mall?
  3. Cashflow facilitators
  4. Event partners / sponsors
    • Book publishers (Bo Sanchez, Francisco Colayco, Efren Cruz, others)
    • Remittance services (G-Cash, Smart Money, iRemit, LBC, Banco de Oro, BPInoy)
    • Investments (Real Estate, online trading websites, mutual funds, franchises, others)
    • OFW Blogs
  5. Bloggers, Journalists, photographers — people who will spread the word before the cashflow marathon, document the marathon and tell stories about the marathon

More to come …

Last update:
25 Oct – updated with Global Pinoys Singapore
17 Oct – added Cashflow Marathon Help Needed
16 Oct – first list

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