PasikBlogan Challenge #4: “Get me the hell out of here” You find yourself lined up for hell. It’s up to you state your case and explain why you are *not* supposed to be in hell.

cemetery sillhouettes
Title: Cemetery sillhouettes. When I die, buried in my grave (with kids frolicking above), where do I go? Hell, No!! Helloooo??!!!

Here’s Edwin addressing the devil:

Hello Mr. Devil. Magandang umaga! ;-) Kumusta? Pare, you’ve got some hot stuff happening here!

Okay, bro. I didn’t make any reservations for a room in hell.

The cab driver must have brought me to the wrong place.

I am absolutely *not* going to stay here in hell.

Let me just share.

I’ve simplified my faith. I don’t have too many rules (e.g. hear mass every sunday. Pray every night. Attend 1st Friday Mass.)

And I’ve simplified my faith this way: “Do good. Help people. Don’t hurt people.”

Does that sound like the type of person who belongs in hell? Hello?!

What’s the worst that I’ve done? 

Let me check. I’m not a drug-lord. I’m not a sex offender. I’m not an alcoholic.

I’m not corrupt. I admit, I’ve given a bribe a few times (I can count with the fingers of my one had). My bad.

I’ve passed through the back door of some processes a few times. But for the most part, I’ve followed most rules of the land.

I haven’t killed any person (I’ve felt on the verge of it sometimes).

I haven’t hurt a whole lot of people. I’m sure my ex’es felt hurt. But it’s not as if I did terribly bad things to anybody.

When I was at Intel, I made a couple of people cry. ‘Di lang babae, pati lalaki (or so I thought). They cried out of frustration or exasperation.

Some people may have thought that I was hitting back at them. But truly, most of my actions were in support of the greater good. If, in the process I stepped on other people’s toes, it’s because they were getting in the way of the greater good.

Maybe the worst that I’ve done is … fleet around the face of this universe like a leaf being tossed around in the wind.

Will I go to heaven, then? 

I sure believe so! ;-)

As I’ve said, my faith is simple. Do good. Don’t hurt people.

I’ve stood by this as much as I can.

I’ve continued to contribute to society by giving service. I aim to inspire more people. I aim to help people grow. And that has a multiplier effect. The good I do, the good that people receive through me — all that flows through more people, and it multiplies.

That’s that. I don’t belong to hell. One or two people might think I should. (gulp). But that’s them.

I know me more than anybody. I’m heaven material. Oh yeah!

Edwin “ka edong” Soriano

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