Surprise! Once again, I come back to blogging.

A few weeks ago, I made a list of themes that I had an expertise on or that I was interested in. I just continued to write all the topics that I had significant experience on. The list included teaching, e-learning, e-governance, getting things done, positivity, blogging, running and many more.

edWINs Gifts
edWINs Gifts

There was one theme that kept coming back: WRITING. Yes, writing.

I feel that at the very core, one of the gifts I have been given is my gift for writing. This has been expressed through my blogs. This has been expressed through some books that I have written. And moreso, this continues to seek expression through the books that I have in my mind and heart that are waiting to be written.

Here I am now, taking another step forward to becoming my best self. Here I am once again honoring the gift that God has given.

Daily Blog

I was inspired the other day when I stumbled upon Ala Paredes’ Tumblr account, “365 Before 30”. She is doing a daily portrait. The objective is to be able to paint (or draw or sculpt or anything) a daily portrait, given that she will have days where time and resources are limited. The point is not to stock up on portraits and post them one day at a time. The point is to have the discipline to allot that time and creativity to express herself regardless of what the day may bring, or what mood she’s in.

I aim to write a blog post on a daily basis. I will simplify things so that I create the discipline of a daily post without overloading myself too much. Make it simple.

Right now, I’m writing under time pressure. 20 minutes. I’m allowing myself to do a creative sprint, trusting that the Lord with guide me in my thoughts, and trusting that I am infinitely resourceful through our Lord God.

Here I am Lord
Here I am Lord (photo taken by the media ministry of Makati Feast , MCS June 2, 2012)

Tools and Techniques

Some tools and techniques I aim to use:

  • At the end of each blog, I declare what I will write about next. This will allow my subconscious to gather resources in time for the next day’s topic. I’ll see how that works. I’m also interested to see whether there will be more creativity with an impromptu blogpost without giving it much thought.
  • I will want to share all my blogposts instantly via twitter and facebook. I’ll double check if that’s still setup.
  • I’m using a countdown timer. I’m thinking: 20 minutes to write, 10 minutes to format. I will adjust this when needed, depending on what works better for me.
  • I will also improve my mobile blogging tools. I’m currently using “Alapaap”, my first Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy Y. I have Evernote installed there and I see it as a possible blogging platform. I also have WordPress installed on it. Let’s see how expressive I could become through those.

Bless me Dear Lord as I heed Your call. 


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