Healing by Listening
Healing by Listening
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Today I speak of healing.

I shared during our Starshooters coaches training that apart from my core purpose as a teacher, I am also a healer. I consider myself a healer because I have gone through a huge amount of healing as well in my life. Along the way, I’ve also learned many ways to help friends undergo healing.

My Journey of Healing

From 2005-2007, I went into depression. I didn’t realize it back then. Because I functioned like a normal person. I would go to work, do my work, act normally. When I get home, though, it was a totally different story. I was working and living in Cavite at that time. When I got home to my empty home, it was terrible! Terrible. I would eat my take-home food (bought from the company cafeteria). And read a book or surf the net. I was alone and I was lonely. I was undergoing a break-up from a 13-year relationship. I was going through an annulment.

My healing was gradually. I went through those stages. Everybody knows this: “First stage: Denial”. Classic ;-) . I went through anger, I went through negotiations. I went through the works. At a certain point, I was drinking myself wasted with friends. Oh, it was truly “fun”. At the outside, I was “enjoying” my life, but truly deeply on the inside, I was crumpled.

My path to healing was accelerated when I attended the PSI Basic Seminar in August of 2007. In that seminar, I began to forgive my Ex. I began to forgive her even if I didn’t understand what went wrong. More importantly, I began to forgive myself. That seminar was life changing for me. It turned my life around. After that seminar, I started to live again. I had new meaning in my life. I knew it was only the beginning of a new life. The most important thing for me was that I began to heal, truly. And it all began with acceptance and forgiveness.

Emotional pain leads to Physical pain

I’ve learned a whole lot in my path to healing. I’ve learned through Bo Sanchez that 85% of physical ailments stem from emotional hurt. Emotions like resentment, judgement, lack of forgiveness, anger, hatred etc. I’ve learned that it is important to heal our inner-self to help our body heal. (I believe the other 15% of physical ailments are brought about by other factors like genetics, environment, nutrition etc.)

This is why I feel Ferdinand Marcos, GMA and CJ Corona got so sick. Because they had committed many acts that their conscience would not let them off the hook. Their wrong-doings manifest in their physical lack of health. It’s not just them. I strongly feel that many of our daily ailments – cough, colds, headaches, back pain – have roots in emotional baggages.

Healing by listening

Around 2 months ago, I received a call from my good friend. She wanted to confide with me. Her relationship was going in a downward spiral. And she wanted to get insight from me, specifically about filing an annulment. I spoke to her over the phone, I spoke to her also after hearing mass at the Feast .

I listened to her. And I listened to my inner voice. There were times that I interjected some of the things I learned from my own path to healing. And I continued to listen. To listen to the words. And to listen to what was unspoken. I told her I felt that annulment is not the path for her at this time.

You see, I have helped friends think through their own process in their marriage. For some, I help them through their annulment by sharing my own experience. For others, it’s just not the time yet, and I hope it will never be their time for annulment.

In all these, I help my friends through their own personal healing.

Because an aching heart and a tired mind needs healing to help a person move forward in the right direction.


Tomorrow, I speak more about annulment.
(Wow, I didn’t plan on speaking about these things at the start of my daily blogging! I go by heart.)

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  1. Title pa lang panalo na! I 100% agree with the title. Being a listener is the best thing we can give to a troubled (confuse) friend.

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