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Allow me to share with you what HALIKA-Book Swap/Sale is all about, what HALIKA-Book stands for, our experience in the first HALIKA-Book and an announcement of our 2nd HALIKA-Book.

Book Swap/Sale

The idea of a Book Swap and Book Sale was born when Raju Mandhyan and I happened to chat with Fitz Villafuerte and Scott Dowd at the Money Summit. “Wouldn’t it be great to bring together some friends, ask them to bring their personal development books and just swap books one lovely afternoon?” That idea grew bigger and bigger towards becoming an event with speakers, food booths, consigners, clowns, fire-breathers and all the bells and whistles. 3 months after, still no book swap.

So I said, let’s just make this happen, no matter how simple. Thus, within 2 weeks, we organized the first Book Swap. And we named it HALIKA-Book Swap/Sale.

Halika-book Sale and Swap
Halika-book Sale and Swap

HALIKA-Book What?

HALIKA-Book is a play of words. It can mean many things. 

  • “HALIKA-Book” sounds like “Alikabok” which is the Filipino word for “dust”. We use this to mean: “Brush of the dust on your old un-used books and Swap/Sell them already!”
  • “HALIKA” means “come over”. It is an invitation for people to bring their books to the Book Swap/Sale.
  • And, yes, Raju, it also sounds like “Halik” which means “kiss”. It can mean giving your old books a final goodbye kiss and letting it be loved by someone else. “Give chance to others”, kumbaga.
  • At the same time, it can mean FINDING a great book and rejoicing in delight with a kiss: “Halik a book!” (Kiss a book).

HALIKA-Book is how we called this our book swap/sale. It may sound funny at the start. Well, that’s how we like it ;-) .

The Philosophy: Let go of old books

Let me share briefly what I believe about books.

Books are meant to be read. If they’ve been left in our bookshelves, gathering dust for more than a year without being read, sayang naman. Put it to good use and let the book be read by someone else. Spread the knowledge, spread the wealth.

Letting go of old books also creates space for new books.

Being in a book swap is perfect as it allows people to fill-in each other’s hunger for a next book to read.

HALIKA-Book (First Edition – Oct 23, 2012, Quantum Cafe)

We had 4 book sellers at our first HALIKA-Book: Raju, Mon, Darlene and myself. We had mostly good friends coming over to browse the books for great finds: Rezza, Arnold, Richard, Tristan, Sunny, Mon, Otto, Gian, Happy, Happy’s-sister, Bonggo ;-) .

We gathered maybe a set of 250 books. Most of the books were in the themes of personal development, self-help, management and finance. We did have other books like: accounting, trigonometry, poetry, graphic novels, novels, humour.

It was a lot of fun when, at one point, the book sellers were just really swapping books barter style, along with a whole lot of negotiation trash talk. Hahaha!

It was funny when Mon found out that Raju was giving away a book that Mon gave to Raju (Postcards from the Edge). Mon exclaimed: “That’s a gift I gave you, and you’re giving it away?! It’s an autographed book, signed by Princess Leia herself!” Oh, you should have seen the look on both Mon and Raju’s faces! They were soooo funny!

All so funny considering that Raju, just a few hours ago, was complaining to me: “How could you give away this wonderful book? Signed copy pa naman.” Of course Raju was holding up “The heart of humor”, a book which Raju himself wrote, signed and gave to me as a gift.

Yes, I am letting go of these books. Because the books deserve to be read by other people. That is how I honor these books: by sharing them.

Funny also how Raju and Mon were bidding for my “Sedona Method” set. I said it will go to the highest bidder. Mon says: “I’ll get it for a wink and a hug!” Raju says: “I’ll get it for a kiss and a hug!” hahahaha!

HALIKA-Bookers: Tristan, Darlene, me Edwin, Rezza, Raju, Mon
HALIKA-Bookers: Tristan, Darlene, me Edwin, Rezza, Raju, Mon
HALIKA-Book bargain hunters: Rezza, Sunny and Mon
HALIKA-Book bargain hunters: Rezza, Sunny and Mon
HALIKA-Book Raju books
HALIKA-Book Raju books
HALIKA-Book great finds! Sunny, Rezza, Mon and Mon. And yes, the books are great too!
HALIKA-Book great finds! Sunny, Rezza, Mon and Mon. And yes, the books are great too!

Thanks to everyone who sold, bought, browsed and just hang out with us on our first HALIKA-Book. Special thanks to Maryjo Ferraren of Quantum Cafe for hosting us. Thanks to Rezza for being ever supportive of the funny things I do, for being our consultant for merchandise aesthetics that day. Thanks to Raju, Mon and Darlene for bringing in their books and interests and stories. Sa susunod!

Next HALIKA-Book: Nov 13, Tuesday, Quantum Cafe (12nn-9pm).

We’re preparing now for our next HALIKA-Book Swap/Sale. We’re expecting more books, more sellers, more buyers and more fun! There’s an idea of making this a tweetup. We will also have some talks during the event. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

Catch us on facebook for more updates .

HALIKA-Book Chapter 2: Nov 13, 2012
HALIKA-Book Chapter 2: Nov 13, 2012

Visit Quantum Cafe for healthy food, great place, good gags (improv thursdays with SPIT) and good times with friends:

Quantum Cafe
Quantum Cafe

See you soon!

ka edong

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