Today I am thankful for …

  • Yet another jump out of bed morning ;-) .
  • A wonderful SMS message from my microbuddy Claudette.
  • Talking to Kuya RC this morning. See you soon, kuya!
  • Being early for staff meeting with Z.
  • Taking risks and asking questions that I find difficult to ask.
  • Learning skills I’ll be using for the team building.
  • Understanding better ways to work with NS.
  • Seeing Rezza at the office too! hahaha!
  • Confirming coffee sched with Alyssa. Looking forward.
  • Bacon by HB.
  • Eggs on induction stove.
  • Watching Tower Heist with Rezza. “I will tell you something. I will hug you now. I will release you in a moment. I will laugh now … ” hahahah!
  • More streams of income discovered.
  • My tenant leaving peacefully. Now to convert this asset to earn.
  • Calling mom and dad today.

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