I am thankful for:
  • Having the means to communicate with my parents in a deep level, even when I’m away from them.
  • Getting enough sleep, waking up excited and energetic
  • Starting the day with prayers and reviewing my dreams
  • Affirmations
  • My KB
  • eOFW.Net ! Let’s do this!
  • Special slow-cooked breakfast and lunch
  • Nice dinner the night before at Napa
  • My laptop, Nasudi, and the work she allows me to do
  • A very focused and purposeful workday
  • Skippity skipping through grass on a nice sunny day
  • Revealing pleasant surprises, biting off a few portions from my big Ampalaya (my current challenge).
  • Receiving Php302,500 worth of post-dated cheques from a good-paying tenant. May the good Lord bless Katya and Edwin abundantly indeed! Amen!
  • Having a ketchup (catch-up) dinner with buddy Love Joy. Sharing fun stories of Heroic 29, and some out of this world stories too!
  • Discovering new ways to bite off more portions from my big Ampalaya. Thanks buddy!
  • Spending time with Buddy LJ and HB Rezza!
  • rolled pizza, gelato, interesting (loud) music

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