Today I am grateful for:

  • A relaxed Friday
  • Lunch with Keric, Raffy and Rezza.
  • Korea Garden! Deal Grocer! :-)
  • Korean ice cream — fish-shaped with vanilla and red munggo.
  • Having Raffy as a biz partner
  • Fun kwentuhan with keric, raffy and rezza.
  • Donating to segunda mana .
Giant Gift! God's plans for us are enormous beyond our comprehension!
Giant Gift! God's plans for us are bigger than we can even comprehend!Â

  • Spending time with Rezza.
  • Closing on Eco Run and SGV run.
  • Making the necessary changes requested by a race partner, and accomplishing it quickly. No sweat ;-) . (Nawa’y laging ganyan).
  • Working with the staff of 249.
  • Getting a reminder from Misty on a more urgent activity. Thanks!
  • Working on my roles as staff.
  • Seeing my microbuddies in full force.
  • Sarap ng fish fillet sarciado dinner.
  • Observing Tito Greg and Dayle. Learning from them.
  • Getting a sore hand from Jo Ann – hahaha!
  • Reading a love letter from my little big sister, Anna. I say a little big prayer for you, Atchi!
God’s plans for us are bigger than we can even comprehend!

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