Good Friday, 9pm, driving down the empty streets of Metro Manila.

Rezza, Lawrence and I are starving. The hunger pangs has brought our sense of humour to the lowest levels. And it was taking a toll on our patience. We trawled Pioneer and decided to eat at Chowking – one of the two restaurants open along that street on this fateful Good Friday. It’s a full moon and we were like wolves ready to ravage on any food we could get our claws on.

Chowking Pioneer - photo via
Chowking Pioneer - photo via

I was close to fainting as I waited for Rezza and Lawrence to complete our order. And then …

“IT” happened …

After we had our meal, I called on one of the waiters – his name was “Dale”. I asked him to immediately send their manager to our table. They didn’t know what was happening.

When their manager “Mark” came to our table, I told him: “I’d like to commend your staff.”

I described the details of my commendation:

  • Before our meal, Lawrence was at the counter awaiting our receipt. Rezza had just taken her seat and placed our order number on our table. Barely 10 seconds later, we were served our food! Yes, within 10 seconds! I was amazed! What was this, predictive serving?!
  • Dale promptly completed the rest of our Lauriat within a few mins.
  • Rezza requested for some Orange Chicken sauce (not part of the order) and Dale served it promptly. Everything we asked for, we received in a jiffy.
  • I told manager Mark that we were very happy with the staff’s service. Specifically, waiter Dale served us as if we were an old friend. ;-)
  • We also noticed some changes in the flavor of the our food — less salty. Seemingly, less MSG. We were told by the manager that it was a new formulation and new process, implemented in their store just a few days ago.
  • Lastly, I loved that they had a “No straws on Fridays” policy. I also noticed they use paper bags to wrap their take away food. Part of complying with a city ordinance.

While I was speaking to manager Mark, the kitchen staff were watching things unfold from the window behind the counter. I gave them a thumbs up, letting them know that things were all good.

I ended my conversation with Mark saying: “Let’s commend the good deeds so that we may increase the good. Para hindi lang complaints and nare-report. Good job on a Good Friday!

Focus on the good and it will increase. 

Now we’re full. Full of food. Full of good.

Amen? Amen!

ka edong

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